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What’s at stake in the Alberta election? | Power & Politics

What’s at stake in the Alberta election? | Power & Politics
What’s at stake in the Alberta election? | Power & Politics
To a special edition of Power & Politics on Bashi kapelos and we are coming to you – live from the beautiful Alberta legislature in Edmonton. Today was the final day of campaigning in Alberta before tomorrow’s provincial election and no matter what The Province Will Make History either. The United conservative party will secure its first Victory or Alberta’s first-ever NDP government will be re-elected. What we learn from this campaign and what’s at stake for albertans and Canadians in tomorrow’s vote, are Alberta panel Airway Inn in Calgary, marchello Monroe of ktg, public affairs and William Macbeth next to her is with the Canadians for democracy and prosperity, and here it’s me in The legislature and I G – seven 700,000 Elberton, so half of the total number of albertans who cast their ballots in the 2015 election have already voted. What are we, if anything, to read into that the states? I think what you saw and what most campaigners realizes that advance notice is really important to get your supporters out. Your strong supporters get them out, tell him to get it out of the way. So it’s not the effect. He is such a such strong get-out-the-vote campaign. What I think, I think, certainly it’s hundred percent, true – that I’m both sides where you’ve identified your strongest support, you’re, going to try and get them to vote early, a checks off folks off your list and make sure every day organization a little tighter technology has changed Tremendously, how we not only ID people for the boat, but also how we reach out to them to get them to make a plan to vote. That was really a kind of idea that, where they started to ask their core voters to make a plan and to share it with friends. So that has become a very good tool in this age. To not only get a much bigger Advanced vote, but but to hopefully attract those younger voters that are sometimes harder to know where’s the polls. I don’t know that we can read anything into what it means for the results. However, I’ve been in other jurisdictions that got more and more aggressive, with expanding their Advance boat. What we generally saw there was more people like to do it, because it is so much more convenient. Bastard doesn’t necessarily correspond to any a massive growth internet overall, I’m so we’ll see what we get. Tomorrow. cancel vote outside of their riding and what’s super interesting, what’s going to be interesting tomorrow, night, especially, is that those those those votes cast outside of someone’s writing won’t? Be calculated until Wednesday and they could take a little while and in so it depends on, is the two front running parties on Election night. But it could have an impact on some writings and whether or not there’s a sort of was able to call a victory. In those writing strategy for the UCP, how would you care, for I mean if you think about get out the vote. You have X number of supporter voters who need to get out and vote who the campaign needs to know. You only have so many opportunities, and so many ways of talking to them between when the campaign starts and when it finishes telephone service. So important is that it gives campaigns an opportunity to turn out supporters and not put all of the work on Election Day. I think for the United conservative party they’re putting an extra emphasis on door-to-door engagement. Research has shown that, if speaks to a campaign person camping volunteer on a day where they can vote. That motivates the voter a lot more to get out and vote and I think partly not eating out unique to the United guitar departing sure. New Democrats are looking at this too, but we are taking the best practices. I think that other jurisdictions have developed and applying them in this election, and I would agree you really can’t read a whole lot into how the events balls are gone so far, except to say, albertans clearly seemed engaged in this election IG. Let me ask you about that engagement and how you think the tone of the election may have impacted if we had Dawn break on this for that Calgary Herald on earlier, and he identified he’s covered a bunch of Elections. I covered a bunch here with him. He said this one is waiting, a steer. It’S been previous once you think that’s true. This is what the NDP to make sure that they deflect away from the economy and jobs. Those things shouldn’t be talked about, but they don’t want to talk about jobs and economy and Jason kenney’s doing the opposite thing right he’s on his like disable jobs. My party is the one that’s going to get. These things done will address the social issues as well, but right now this is a pocketbook before the social causes hasn’t got to go to job on the economy, to Jason, Kenney of the UCB aren’t fit to govern, which do you think and then I’m as I Know you’re both wearing partisan hats, but I take a bit of an issue with with that look like I was at the final big campaign rally here with Rachel only on in Calgary on Saturday. She is by no means not talking about jobs. Near most of that speech was about her very different view for how we’re going do. I keep rounding the corner on the recession and get the economy back boosting again, but what she did say she was very clear with she asked to take a look and see if they thought they could trust. Mr Kenny, with all the scandal in the air. Until I think that’s really what Daddy peas, you know, we know that the poles have been tightening up. I’M told by some of the poster is behind the recent polls that that we’re now seeing male working-class voters slightly switch towards Rachel notley. So I think it’s! It’S really a hore is down the stretch and I think if you would send anyone six months ago, it was going to be this tight. I think they would have thought you know maybe too deep into the new cannabis legislation. So I think it’s going to be. That’S true, why do you think it? It will be tighter than anticipated for the tone of the campaign. Anybody who’s watching YouTube. Video in the last couple days has been bombarded by Andy Jason Kennedy, Democrat advertising, so clearly they’re betting on this strategy. Right to the end, I do think a counterbalance about, though, has been it’s hot support behind for Bay supporters behind their two candidates. I think, when you see an attack ad against your own candidates, you tend to retrench into that. As a result, I now think you’ve seen less and less pole movement in the last several days and that, though, numbers have now hardened and it’s a clear lead for the United conservative party in Calgary, and I think that’s what we’re going to end up. Staying on Election night, that’s an interesting point that type of support either way. I think that the people who are going to make their mind based on those issues has made up their mind. Is a campaigner like this is when your voter identification, your door, knocking your phone calling? This is what it makes a difference of. This is also, I think, that we’re going to really see that some of these writings at either party taken for granted in Edmonton and Calgary they are going to be able to swing right because week, MLA in Edmonton Alberta party Factor kicks in cuz. It’S not a question of how many in certain writings and what effect that has right, and it’s the same thing in in Calgary as well. If you have an incomplete that is associated with someone, please display options as they call them. That’S going to have a factory as well, so it depends on the strength. I know everything in in Party politics is about leader in the party, but sometimes on the ground in these tight races. It is about the candidates, how many volunteers we have. These things make a difference at this point I’ll leave it there. Thank you very much. Everyone thinks you are Alberta. Pennell, Monroe Williams,
History could be made in the Alberta election. Rachel Notley could be the first Alberta NDP premier to win re-election, or the United Conservative Party could secure its first victory.
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