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Virginia’s Tony Bennett talks Kyle Guy’s FTs, title game vs. Texas Tech | College Basketball Sound

Virginia’s Tony Bennett talks Kyle Guy’s FTs, title game vs. Texas Tech | College Basketball Sound
Virginia’s Tony Bennett talks Kyle Guy’s FTs, title game vs. Texas Tech | College Basketball Sound
Last sequence: in the game against Auburn tyspring about the floor, did you know immediately what had happened? Did you see the double dribble? No, I didn’t. I thought I could see you was trying to file missed it, but I have no clue and it wasn’t until I have to start one of the replays after the game, and so you know absolutely by the letter of the law he he did. I think the guy tried to grab them, but it I think in those cases, if I’m honest, you know they call Avery’s foot slide or travel or everything is a Bangla play You’re going to miss those, but but absolutely after I saw it and if they were Watching that and caught a closely that certainly could have been called a double dribble. So now you have the opportunity, though the fouls called on them as a shots in the air Kyle. What’S it like for you watching that I just I was waiting to see. I you know when we work on an action like that and he’s one of the best I’ve seen it being able to get his show, turn off and turn in the air, and I I thought he was going to make it cuz. He made a great shot. The play before to cut it, and so that was the action and then I thought I heard it was hard to hear the whistle, but I thought you know the ref called something cuz he he. I do think that was a good call. I don’t people will argue with that. Obviously we benefit from it, but for for him to step the line and make those free throws. It was that’s impressive, particularly when you consider what he’s been very open with about dealing with anxiety and stuff, so he steps up and delivers one of those difficult circumstance and you can imagine the basketball you’ve been through. So what are the moments with him like afterwards? That he was just open with it and he’s been great either. Someone asked me in the press conference. What do you help Kyle through that stuff? And I said the best thing I do for Car Guys and for him as I pray for them. I just pray that there are grow and who they are and and they’re going to keep coming right in to see him shine in that moment and handle. It is great, and after he’s he’s a remarkable young man, all these guys, Misty Martin Thai they they’ve been through we’ve been through a lot. This has been a remarkable Year from where it ended last year to where it is, and I said it I knew it was going to be a significant year and all of our Lives as a staff is coaches and players we’re going to need each other. Didn’T what the results were going to be, but I knew it was going to Mark us and we were going to have an opportunity to to go through a lot of hard stuff together and enjoy these guys talk about resiliency. That’S a beautiful thing yesterday that I don’t think Redemption to write work, because, whether it’s a religious connotation, Financial collocation, there’s a there’s a thought of being wiped clean, but instead what you have done from it is use it to grow and get Pronger. How is how has that Journey? Manifested itself has resulted in significant. I we one of our pillars in our program is thankfulness and, of course, it’s being thankful for all the the good things that happened, but the key of that is is play, be thankful for what adversity teaches you, because that’s where Life’s greatest lessons are – and we Kept talking about it, just cuz, it happened, doesn’t mean you’re going to be stronger because of it. You have to choose how you’re going to respond – and I always say there’s so many things that are worse than life is a basketball game in first team ever do it and with social media and the effect on the young minds and all of her mind. I was concerned and worried about it, but people go through so many harder things there such a bigger picture going on, and I understood that, but it still was our story and our ability to choose to respond right way was very intentional how we went through it. That’S why I said it was such an important year for us, and these guys will have this – I think, for the rest of their lives to go back to being down 14 against Gardner-Webb. In that same stop the feeling same things that was real pressure in terms of the basketball standpoint and for them to bounce back and fight through it and then just kind of make this journey. As I said, it’s, it’s really a great story. So now what Trinity? To win a championship go after for all your worth. You know, I, I think it’s so much about how you prepare special in short amount of time everybody who gets to this game, or this final 4 has played at such a high level. Players are going to have to be made we’re going to need incredible mental toughness, but you know it’s. I haven’t really thought about it too much that’ll. If we do it then you’ll think about it, but I’ll get to the game be in the moment. Once you get in the line stay in the lines, that’s the best way. I know how to do go after things like this. If you guys have done that and made plays the last two. If Valvano coined the phrase, you are the current face to survive and advance 2.6 seconds with no to but what I’ll say about both of those games as we played, we answer nothing. You can go to the points 6 and 2.2 seconds, but we had to make baked chicken we’re just banging shots. Kyle’S answering tithe if we’re playing in the second half played well in the second half was in just like this fluke. Ending you have to earn the right from a cowl replacement point to be in the spot to win the game and then yeah things happen with amazing. But that’s that’s the stuff I like. If you have the opportunity cut down the Nets, win the national championship. You climb that ladder who do you think will be the first person comes to your mind to me to do that. I think of my immediate family as the guys who goes to the journey with the players, but my wife and my kids and of course my parents knows things, but I want them to to you know figuratively. That happens go up that ladder with me, because that’s that’s, that’s it and it it’s not going to. If that happens, it’s not going to change it. Feelings are different from the end of last year and the feelings are different right now and if we’re fortunate to have that happen, but but certain things were saying, that’s the greatest truth that I know how is your dad been with his last two games show a But he’s very thankful and you know he wishes he could enjoy it and all that stuff, but he’s I’m just I’m glad that he’s poured into my life and my coaching in the ways he has cuz. I wouldn’t be here without so many people, but it Basketball, Wives. You guys leave the nation scoring defense daily defensive efficiency. So what is the key to getting enough offensive execution to win the last two decades? Someone told me they have the best defense in the game. It’S plays are going to have to be made. You know, you know that you get to the stage guys are going to have to make some plays, make tough shots contested shots, but it’s the little things you do to take care of. The ball, you know, can get some offensive. Rebounds, whatever is X-Factor things are going to happen, and then you got to play great defense to you know it’s going to be a war that way and much respect for how they do it, and you know both going to be ready.
ESPN’s Rece Davis sits down with Virginia head coach Tony Bennett to discuss the late-game drama vs. Auburn in the Final Four and Kyle Guy knocking down three free throws to propel the Cavaliers to the championship game. (2:45) Bennett talks about growing since last year’s loss to UMBC at the NCAA tournament and (5:37) who he’d think of first if they win the title on Monday night vs. Texas Tech.

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