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Virginia will face Texas Tech in NCAA title game

Virginia will face Texas Tech in NCAA title game
Virginia will face Texas Tech in NCAA title game
The stage is set for the 67th and final game of the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. It will feature a match-up of two schools, both looking for their first basketball title and the Virginia Cavaliers. The game tips off Monday night at 9 p.m. Eastern. Only on CBS Saturday night in the second match, up with the final graduate transfer, Matt Mooney powered Texas Tech to the win with 22 points, but the first Final Four game between the Cavaliers and the Auburn Tigers finished with some controversy Virginia the last number. 1. The tournament survives Auburn 63 262 alcohol and a controversial no-call, both within the last two seconds of the game and the Tiger shot at a title. This year’s final four he’s a writer and documentary producer for Bleacher Report David thanks. So much for joining us. Let’S start with a controversy in the Virginia game, some fans and analyst pay the referees missed a double dribble from the Cavaliers Ty Jerome. Also, the Auburn Final Call on Kyle guy, with less than a second left, has come under scrutiny. In your view, did the referees make a mistake and what was the reaction inside the stadium quite knew what it happened, and it was Amplified by the fact that Kyle guy, who is failed on that last possession to put his face into his jersey when you’re asking About the foul, though, it was very clearly a foul by the textbook definition of it. You just don’t normally see a foul called at that stage in the game and I think again the rest did absolutely blow the call of tied around double dribbling, their near half court and that would have changed the game. Things that happen in a basketball games with Rasmus calls, and you have to go with the punches experts – did not predict the Red Raiders would have a very good Seasons. The Red Raiders have also been the underdog in three straight games. How has Texas Tech use this Underdog mentality to reach the championship game code to the top Chris.? He was a guy who is interested in Texas Tech for a decade, but had to go down to a semi-professional league and then a D3 School, a D2 school and a low-level D1 school before he ever had an opportunity to be a head coach. Just like that. There’S only one top 100 recruit, there’s no McDonald’s, All American. They view themselves as an underdog in every game, of course, that we know that they’re, not another dog and we’ll have to see if that mentality helps them out one more time against Virginia. On Monday night, India and Texas Tech might not be the most exciting match at both teams. Pride themselves on stingy, defense, you even tweeted jokingly the winner will be. Whoever is the first 30 points who, or what do you think will it will be the X-Factor in Monday night? Well, I think it’s for either team there’s one guy that stands out to me for Texas, tacketts, Tariq Owens and he rolled his ankle in Saturday night’s semi-final. So his health will be a huge Factor, he’s one of the most athletic players and he’s the kind of guy that can be a matchup Virginia Virginia DeAndre Hunter, weird to call him X Factor because he’s actually projected top 5 pick in the NBA draft this year. But he didn’t really show up in the first half of their semi-final game on Saturday. He did in the second half and they’re going to need a consistent performance from him order to win the national championship, Rock fight, as we call it in basketball. But I think it’ll be an exciting match-up in a closed one. These are two extremely well-coached team Virginia. I think that they’ve been the best team in college basketball all season. I think that they’ve survived a lot of scares that seems like they’re. Almost a team of Destiny at this point., I think that they have the probably the best player. Alright, we watching closely David Gardner David thanks very much
The Virginia Cavaliers and Texas Tech Red Raiders will face off in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament championship. David Gardner, staff writer for Bleacher Report, joined CBSN to preview the big game.

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