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Trudeau threatens to sue Scheer over SNC-Lavalin comments

Trudeau threatens to sue Scheer over SNC-Lavalin comments
Trudeau threatens to sue Scheer over SNC-Lavalin comments
Concerto has done everything in his power to keep the truth of the snc-lavalin corruption scandal from coming out. He has refused to call a public inquiry shut down to parliamentary committee. Investigations to the Scandal he’s changed. His version of events shifted, blame onto others and has been caught peddling bony excuses and he is smeared punished and engaged character assassination of those who tried to stand up to him and to speak the truth. But his attempts to suppress the facts and silenced his critics. Don’T end there: one week I received a letter from a lawyer representing Justin Trudeau, threatening to sue me for my criticisms of his actions in the snc-lavalin corruption Scandal. You all have copies of that letter receiving Mr Trudeau’s letter. I immediately consulted with my legal team and after careful consideration, I was advised that Mr Trudeau’s complaints were without Merit. I stand by every single criticism I have made of MR2 conduct in regards to the Scandal, including those Mr Trudeau’s lawyer sites. In his letter, they are all based on the facts that have emerged from parliamentary testimony and irrefutable evidence presented by Wilson Rebel. My lawyer has responded to Mr Trudeau’s threats and you all have copies of that letter as well. If mr. Trudeau intends to pursue this course of legal action, if he Lucy has a case against me, I urge him to do so immediately. This is an urgent matter of public interest and it deserves to be heard in legal and illegal setting where liberals do not control proceedings. I welcome the opportunity to examine mr. Trudeau in pre-trial Discovery at the earliest possible date. I look forward to mister Trudeau, presenting his evidence to Canadians Underoath in open court and based on what I hear. I’M certain Canadians will welcome this as well, however, based on his Monumental efforts over the last 2 months to keep all the facts of this matter from coming out. It is clear what this is. This is a blatant attempt to use, and some would say, misuse threats of legal action to stop me from fulfilling my constitutional Duty as leader of the opposition hold government of the day 2 account on behalf of all Canadians is a further attempt to silence those who Stand up to Justin, Trudeau and who seek the truth. It hasn’t worked so far and it will not. Now you know what he’s getting into he will face questioning under oath 4 hours so that we can get to the bottom of this. You’Ll also have to produce documents that demonstrate his true motives in helping his corporate friends avoid consequences. I am confident in my case – and I will continue to man in the answers akkadians deserve I’ve, done everything in his power to prevent the truth from coming out. With regard to the snc-lavalin corruption Scandal, he has prevented the public acquired from going forward. You put an end to two parliamentary committees investigating better. He changed his version of The Facts. He tried to blame others, and then he had some fake excuses. He try and punish those who stood up to tell the truth. Yet these attempts to put an end to the matter and silenced his critics will not work. Last week I received a letter from Justin legal representative threatening to take me to court. With regard to what I said about this matter, you have all received a copy of that letter. The receipt of this letter from Justin Trudeau son lawyer. I immediately consulted my legal counsel, and I was advised that mr. Trudeau’s complaints have no Foundation. I maintain which of these statements are criticizing him for his behavior with regard to this candle, particularly what mr. Trudeau’s lawyer has said in the letter. The fact that happen, the Parliamentary testimony and the irrefutable proof that has been put forward by Judy Wilson raybould, is the basis of for my comments that my lawyer has responded to the threats by mr. doodle. You’Ve all received a copy of the letter from my lawyer. He wants to move forward with this complaint. I invite him to do so immediately. This is an urgent matter of public interest deserves to be heard in a legal setting where the Liberals will not control the setting. I would be delighted to to have a pre-trial Discovery with Trudeau he would be under oath in a public hearing. I am convinced that Canadians will also be in favor this, based on what I’ve heard them. They have used Monumental efforts for the past 2 months to prevent anything from coming out. This is a clear attempt to use threats, 5 legal proceedings to prevent me from doing my constitutional Duty as leader of the opposition, to ask the government to be accountable to all Canadians. This is another attempt to silence those who criticize Trudeau and who want the truth. That has not worked to date and it will not work at all. Furthermore, Trudeau must understand what is committing to. He will be questions under oath 4 hours to ensure that we can shed light on this affair. He will also have to produce documents that will demonstrate his real intentions. I am convinced that my interpretation is the ride one, and I will continue to request answers that Canadians deserve a thank you very much here. Come he believed that the Prime Minister broke the law and in the snc-lavalin out of there, I believe that Justin Trudeau, a campaign to put Ackley, interfere in an ongoing court process not going, and we have, of course ask the RCMP to investigate to determine if, if, If a crime was committed, you sure do you think this is a bluff by Trudeau? Do you think he’ll go right to the end, will see right now. He has the opportunity to show that he’s serious. If you really think there is justification to go to the courts, he should start immediately and if he does not do that, then we can conclude that he has no intention of moving forward with this action. Well, you say: there’s corruption on corruption and a campaign of interference in the snc-lavalin affair. You say that he broke the law and his Wilson Rebel said there was nothing illegal. So how can you say that he broke the law? Is there a foundation? I said there was corruption on corruption on corruption and Ms Cassandra builds. Testimony demonstrated that Mr Trudeau attempted to change hid her decision even after she said she had made that decision and that pressure wasn’t appropriate. He continued and we heard on the audio recording by Ms wilson-raybould and Mister wernick. We heard that it was on Mister Trudeau’s directions and Mister wernick attempting to pressure Ms wilson-raybould and change that decision after Miss wilson-raybould said. Don’T we saw I’m paying the Disco there was this campaign to discredit and peas, who tried to get to the bottom of the truth? That is why I said there is corruption on corruption on corruption, and I maintain when I have your Deputy leader, Lisa rate. I certainly I know that between Jody wilson-raybould and Justin, Trudeau, who I believe, I believe, Jody wilson-raybould – the RCMP – to conduct an investigation to determine whether or not laws were broken prosecutors to determine whether or not it legalities took place. And that was why the conservative party and then why I wrote the letter to the RCMP to call on them to investigate into the actions of the Prime Minister and the key officials that were named by Miss Wilson Reborn. I arrived, I received a letter acknowledging my request. Stephen share with Reuters. This is an attempt to stifle criticism of Justin Trudeau. This, The Bullying attempt to try to prevent me from doing my constitutional Duty as leader of the opposition aliens, can see the type of tactics that mr. Trudeau will engaging, but also to challenge him to follow through with it. So far, the Liberals have used their control of parliamentary committees to shutdown. Investigations into the Scandal now presents us with an opportunity presented with an opportunity to have a legal proceeding that liberals can’t shut down that they can’t control that they don’t share, that they can’t outvote members of the opposition to shut down investigation, and it will be done Under oath we’re, the officials that people that were named by Jody wilson-raybould, including the Prime Minister himself, will have to testify under oath. That is something that we have been pushing for through other channels, and so now this provides us with an opportunity to get exactly that. I’M only been here a week, so I’m usually essentially from libel lawsuits in Parliament. Any Burger on CTV speaks to a multi-faceted campaign to silence those who speak out against him.. We’Re kicked out of caucus for the crime of telling the truth to the Liberals is unforgivable. If it causes damage to their leader, misfeldt Miss wilson-raybould and dr. Philpot put a higher value on the truth than protecting Justin Trudeau’s reputation. This to me is just another example: Justin Trudeau, trying to use the tools at his disposal to silence critics and tabouli those who speak out against them. So we will not allow that to happen. We will defend ourselves and I will defend myself vigorously on this similar letter that has been sent any members of your caucus or even NDP under the Prime Minister, Trudeau of government Olivia from CBC. Do you honestly believe everything that you’ve publicly stated about the Prime Minister would hold up in court based on evidence of his before the Cadian people that is publicly before the cleaning people that has testify by people that have first-hand knowledge of this kennel 6 committee will Meet – and it is our hope that the liberal members of that committee, who voted to shutdown that investigation under the pretext that it was premature because Miss wilson-raybould had not yet provided for their Documents To The Judge. I doubt they will be true to their word and allow the Ethics Committee to conduct its own investigation. That is the call-to-action that we are a challenging. Those liberal MPS had to stay true to their word, will find out on Tuesday if they are going to. I tooted to be faithful to what they said or if they too will bow to pressure from Justin, Trudeau and his office. Calling did ask. Do you believe that Mr Trudeau broke the law? It’S clear to me that this is the case. I maintain what I said to everything that I said is based on the evidence that is before Canadian soon it is based on the testimony that we saw and heard Mr Trudeau lead. A campaign to attempt to interfere in a criminal case. Add that to his things, weren’t true, that he changed his story gave one reason after another a different one every week and he forgot what he said. He said that never raised these concerns with himself. We now know that she did and that Mr Trudeau has admitted that she did do this. He admitted last week in the House of Commons, I wrote her letter RCMP to Oz, for an investigation to determine the foundation for beginning a criminal investigation. It won’t be up to the police to do that, to investigate it, his behavior, that’s why we asked you to do it in Audible for The Interpreter. As I said, I maintain everything I have said. It is based on the testimony given by Ms wilson-raybould to the recordings, the notes, even Mister Trudeau Zone admission. So there was a campaign with the goal of interfering in a criminal case and when wilson-raybould said to the Prime Minister and to the clerk of the privy Council that it was inappropriate that she did not want to change her decision or interfere, he lost his soul. Thank you.
Andrew Scheer has released a letter from a lawyer for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatening to sue the Conservative leader for libel over comments made about Trudeau’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin controversy.

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