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The National for April 7, 2019 – Scheer faces lawsuit threat, Green Shirt Day, Andreescu

The National for April 7, 2019 – Scheer faces lawsuit threat, Green Shirt Day, Andreescu
The National for April 7, 2019 – Scheer faces lawsuit threat, Green Shirt Day, Andreescu
Tonight’S, the Prime Minister threatens to sue a multi-faceted campaign to silence those who speak out against him. What’S behind the political move in the snc-lavalin affair, I would do anything and he think to change how one Humboldt Broncos family started a movement to save lives. It tasted pretty damn good, like the taste of really good dessert. Success is sweet from relative making history on the court tennis star, Bianca andreescu is our Sunday into this. It’S been two months now, since the snc-lavalin affair broke and now another twist in his ongoing controversy. Justin Trudeau’s lawyer, putting a conservative leader on notice, threatening to Sue and her sheer four statements he ate about the case and is Olivia stefanovic explain. Shear is now daring Trudeau to follow through I’m down. I stand by every single criticism I have made of mr. Trudeau’s conduct what if we interfere with snc-lavalin criminal prosecution, an allegation Trudeau’s lawyer says, is entirely false. A legal notice sent a sheer last week and number of what Trudeau’s lawyer called highly defamatory unproven claims, including that the snc-lavalin affair is corruption on top of corruption, on top of corruption. For those team says that statement, employees, criminal wrongdoing and it’s liable with Emeril to intervene on a case. In my opinion, it’s not illegal, Jody wilson-raybould testified that nothing criminal took place still. I believe that it’s based on a fair comment. Today, the ball is in his court and mr. share will decide whether or not he wants to take a close look at some of the statements which he’s issued. A Porsche in the polls is what trip to the courts will do for the conservative Believe Justin. Trudeau is losing the Liberals, insist the conservative leader cross the line. She was response if the Prime Minister actually intends to commence a lawsuit, Bring It On for more on this, let’s bring it back to Camp Ellis host of Power & politics. Alright Bashi political calculations at stake here. Obviously, why would the Prime Minister threaten to sue the conservative leader like this one word Rosie chill the Prime Minister and people in his off appear to want to make sure that this has a threat of this lawsuit. Has a chilling effect on the kinds of accusations coming from the prime minister’s office sources inside the prime minister’s office. Tell us that they feel like the accusations are certain accusations made by the leader of the eye. Position are baseless if they’re made without any evidence and so they’re, hoping, as I said, that this sort of has a chilling effect on it, interesting partho politically last for weeks now, we should be paying attention to other things that Canadians should be paying attention to other Things, the threat of this lawsuit almost certainly ensure the exact opposite happened, play some of those calculations. They sure did and that’s why we’re hearing probably about it today they had it with their lawyers, but they certainly released it today with a splash, and that is because they know exactly what we were just ensures. Canadians continue talking about the snc-lavalin controversy, even though the government doesn’t want us to their they’re sort of Celebration might come with a bit of caveat in that bit of a cabbit, I’m sorry, and that is in the past. History shows us, for example, when Stephen Harper threaten this type of lawsuit. When did the same to Preston Manning they were both drop, so they didn’t end up heading to court. We don’t know if this one will end up playing out in court. However, you know what we do know is that it it it keeps it going. It keeps the controversy going. Let me see a little while longer we’re going to talk to Evelyn full of political discourse in this country right now. Something the Prime Minister has of course talked about before and probably will again the closer we get to the election Rosie. We have been watching something else and folding across the country all day. These are the people decked out in green honoring, the life of one of the Humboldt Kohl’s by trying to save otherwise Logan boulet was on the bus that crashed a year ago yesterday. He died a year ago today and what happened next is what led to this green shirt day. His organs were donated and M6 lives and so APUSH to remind people of just how important organ donation – and there is a very real urgent need. In 2017, more than 4,300 people were on waitlist for Oregon Trail, that’s kidneys, lungs and hearts. There were nearly 3,000 transplants performed, but not nearly enough 242 people died while they were waiting after Blaze, organs were donated. There was a bit of a spike in registering to one day. Do the same as Cameron McIntosh shows us that became known as the Logan boulet effect. The transporter trailers Express have no official link to Humboldt they’re just hockey, people who felt they should do something more than a moment of silence. So at this playoff game, they’re trying to register organ donors, we believe that important that we all have a part to help other people, and this is a way that we can do that green shirt. A 21 year old, Humboldt Bronco who died a year ago today. Taken off life-support the day after the crash his family, what is wishes to donate his organs inspiring an estimated 100000 Canadians to register as donors, the Logan boulet effect became a trend. Now his parents are hoping it becomes an annual campaign or brushed off his discussion with want to have. He said: nope sign up birthday change. What happened, however, as we know, we can change the Outlook, the help and the lives for so many people waiting for an organ transplant. Two events around the country, including this flash mob in Toronto, to encourage more donors. Conversation with your family, Linda Edwards, face the 10-year weight for a kidney before her sister was matched otherwise. She says she may have died on the waiting list when I was waiting. So saving people’s lives are hoping to make your Oregon Drive-In annual event. A living tribute from one team to another Cameron, McIntosh, CBC News, Winnipeg so green shirt day, is all about getting people to register, to be organ donors, but Nova Scotia is planning to remove that step. All together, we will all be considered the organ donors for organ and tissue donation screening you have to opt out of donating. That would be a North American first and already knew is considering doing it to in the meantime. Even if you do register, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually become a donor, because to be eligible to patient needs to die under specific circumstances, usually hooked up to a ventilator to keep the organs viable and then then there’s your family to consider. They will ultimately make the decision, which is why it’s important to tell them your choice, a green shirt, a is One Way. Loganville a family is keeping his memory alive. Just ahead will hear from loved ones of the other 15 people killed in that bus crash about how they are remembering those they lost. Okay, let’s turn to a story now about your house. Canadians have been getting sick for months to have died and public health official warning about a salmonella outbreaks at now stretches across six provinces. The public health agency of Canada has confirmed 63 cases. Bc is the hardest-hit province so far with 22 infections. Yelp brake, though, has sent 18 people to hospital. We have tell your reach you for some hard facts on how it spread and, what’s being done to protect you, health officials having it find a source, but there are some clue. Experts say it’s likely not produce or eggs, because the cases are still widespread. Sorry I’d like a frozen chicken product or it could be something we don’t typically associated with foodborne illness is like pet food. Our expert says salmonella can be transferred just by handling the food. They are speaking to sick individuals, are trying to get them to remember the foods that they’ve consumed where they purchased those foods and then they’re trying to look for Pat between all the sick individuals. Do you remember what you ate months ago, but if they can zero in on a source hypothesis develops finally lie tool products taking cat that Smoking Gun he’ll start to feel symptoms anywhere from 6 hours to 72 hours after exposure, they include fever, nausea and diarrhea. The most vulnerable people are infants, children, seniors and people with compromised immune systems. Health Canada recommends washing your hands before and after preparing food make sure meat, fish and eggs are fully cooked and don’t eat raw cookie dough. Flour can be a carrier. The symptoms of infection usually last for four to seven days and most healthy people don’t require treatment, but if you think you have it help, Canada says to contact your doctor, Italia, Ricci, CBC News, Toronto. developing Stories. We are watching this Sunday night, starting with the largest demonstration, yet against the backs. Bill 21 plan to ban government workers in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols for the province intend to pass the Bill during the legislature Springs sitting. Organizers are valuing at least 10 more days of protests, add a shake-up in the Trump Administration. A short time ago, Homeland Security secretary kirstjen Nielsen announced she was resigning on Friday nights. Prior Stewart is here throughout the evening to track developing stories like this one fryer Kirsten Nielsen had a meeting with President Trump at the white house this afternoon, and there were reports that he asked for her resignation. As Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Nielsen was tasked with trying to carry out some of the administration’s most contentious like building a border wall and a zero tolerance policy which led to children being separated from their parents. She has reportedly been on Shaky Ground with the president for months, but joined him on Friday at a border crossing in California to talk about what they say is an immigration crisis of this evening Nielsen released a statement saying that I hope the next secretary will have The support of Congress and the courts and fixing the laws which has impeded our ability to fully secure America’s borders, Twitter Trump. Thank you for your service and announced that he’s a pointing the US Customs and Border Protection. Commissioner of the acting secretary, okay Stewart’s in Vancouver tonight, thanks by there is no question play Live many of us just can’t live without them. We all know that, and with security and privacy becoming increasingly top-of-mind for users, there’s now another growing threat to be aware of its called stalkerware stalkers using apps spy on their victims. The researchers at one antivirus company found that over 58,000 Android users had stalkerware installed last year. Many of them had no idea. Wendy Mesley who’s, the host inside your phone new phone from you on Netflix coming on TV shows. There are hundreds of apps that can give stalkers the ability to tractor victims. All you need is the app and a way to get into your victims. Phone apps are installed abusers can gain access to their victims. Location text photos everything you need to harass or blackmail. Someone, a Canadian woman living in Australia was targeted according to the Sydney Morning Herald Lisa, harnum’s fiance, install stalkerware on her phone and discovered she was planning to flee their abusive relationship. He’S four were off their 50s floor balcony and was convicted of murder. Digital activist, Eva galperin, was inspired to do something. I did not text my tweet to get quite as much attention as it did governs waited if you were a woman who has been sexually abused by a hacker who threatened to compromise. Your device’s contact me and I’ll make sure they are properly examined. Her tweet was read, did 10000 times. It is not ethical or legal, or right to covertly install malware on somebody else’s device in order to spy on them, even if they are your partner, women’s shelter. In Toronto – and they told us that when was sexual abused first arrived, they tell them to turn off all location settings on their phone. That is a really worried that you’d even smashed the phone and that’s because they know that abusers can use this call Adesa track and the evens terrorize their victims in the scariest part of all. Sometimes you can’t even sit text this technology on your phone right now. The antivirus industry, mostly doesn’t recognize, spell sworn stalker, whereas malicious so far, only one major security firm has agreed to change how its antivirus software detect spyware, go ahead on the national. What reading off a tablet could be worse for your toddler than reading a book and are must-see moment when it BC hockey coach found out, he was getting a desperately-needed, kidney plus the Sunday. What is next for Canada’s latest team 10 has been searched. I would like to maybe track the top 15 and do very well in the grand slams movie kind of spoke about it a bit here and there my chat with Bianca Andrea is coming out. If you take time to read your kids bedtime stories well, it may be paying off a new study from Ohio State found that young children who have at least five books read to them every will enter kindergarten. Having heard 1.4 million more words than children who don’t have anyone reading to them, so that could explain why some kids learn to read a lot faster than others, but doesn’t matter if those books paper or electronic cash receipt went looking for answers. Let’S count the fish ready was every lesson. Has these youngsters aged whether it’s story, time at the library or at home, reading books out loud not only helps develop early language, social skills, it Taps into their imagination and creativity to, but with ebooks and tablets, becoming the choice for many readers. Parents like calling Rousseau believe they can be a much richer experience for her daughter Ripley. It really does Ed encourages her to dive deeper into the book in a recent study research if the format of books used made any difference in how parents and children interact with each other, lead author Tiffany Mansour, said print books, fostered more interaction and improved dialogue between Parents and toddler she found toddlers we’re distracted by the technology that comes with ebooks. The question is how we interpreted right and what we make of it. This educational researcher at the University of Toronto agrees with many points in this study parental support, given that we know that these devices can be used in a positive way for children’s learning. How can you get into thinking deeply about the story and to make inferences about the stories they wouldn’t otherwise, without the the parent support more of the contents of the story and try not to focus so much on the actual technology itself, because it might distract away From the key pieces of learning Jam weather on the tablet for a book is better than no reading at all cast Ricci CBC News Toronto. My favorite thing, so I agree still remembering the Humboldt Broncos tributes to those who died aboard that Boss 1 year ago. From those who knew them, but first my interview with Bianca Andrea: we talked about that now viral pep talk and how she got back on her. Okay, that’s perfect! I like to hear. So go out there and keep competing every single ball. Every single point. Her game is actually tennis, not baseball, but Bianca. Andreas Cruz career has heated up so quickly, explode and so sincere she’s getting all sorts of attention. The fans just voted her, the women’s tennis Association breakthrough of the month. That’S just one more indication that the world is keenly watching this young comedian, she’s, 18 and she’s a climb. Canada’S Bianca under Esq was ranked 152nd at the start of January, a virtual unknown on the WTA circuit Butler. Those numbers soared in just a few months. One of them now she is 23rd in the world, thanks to a win, an Indian Wells that surprised, even a young Talent, would just sweats confidence. The effing champion of Indian Wells from the courts to drive her opponents to distraction, Angelique, Kerber and beating other former world number ones like Caroline Wozniacki and the great Venus Williams, and she is not afraid of who might be next and Bianca and Rescue has someone to Cheer for we met up in Toronto before the start of its huge Grand Slam season, and no one who loves the sport could resist banging a few balls around with her any door. Any floor will do balls against the you know: the walls at home or the garage is there like a little internal dialogue and I wasn’t playing against Serena. I was playing again Kim Cloisters. What about her she’s, a really good tennis player, and I strive to be like that and maybe even better, I think, you’re well on your way to that. My friend buy here and sweating like a crazy person, so this is most exciting thing. That’S ever happened to me, but so, but we have to stop – or I will be here all day nice to meet you in one of those Canadians, who’s been watching you and jumping up and down in my living room watching you cuz I’ve seen you so many Times on TV, so it’s nice to fire them just got feeling. I wanted to put this out there, because I think a lot of women are fighting for equality in the store, and I want to be one of them. One day has done so much she from the WTA, because it was a men’s sport, mainly back in the 1960s 70s, but now WT is becoming bigger and bigger with all of these female athletes stepping up and we have a voice now. So I want to have one too well use you surely do have a voice and we had a conversation back in January of this year, you were in Auckland, Jordan airport. You had just sort of stunned everybody by getting as far as you did and into the Siamese and you your ranking, jumped it jumps 107 that day around 107. So that is not bad! That’S crazy! To here. I was also stunned. After that run, we have been watching you in the last few months and it feels like time has sort of been really strange, because people were learning your name right and engineer and now they’re all sort of shouting your name when you got to Indian Wells that That seemed to amp it up a bit. What what is it that that happened to you at Indian Wells that that made everything work for? I don’t really have much pressure on my shoulders, so I just went out there and I try not to focus on who’s on the other side and try to just focus on the things I can control and myself and with my game style. I feel lot of players have trouble dealing with all of the slices and change of Rhythm. So I think that also help me do well in the tournament refer to you as a Frankenstein on the court in the best possible way. So I’m a monster built with with all the perfect limbs of of past players. So what do you have? That makes you such an anomaly around player I like to come to the net I like to slice. I don’t just hit the same ball over and over again also want to drop shot here and there I’m also pretty aggressive with my shots. I like to go for it and I think I will pretty well in the court, so I would say I’m an all-around player so before we get to a little bit more about that cuz. I just want to backup for people who are maybe starting to learn about you. Where did this bugs come from this bug? It started like everything everything started when I won Le Petit, as when I was 13. I think it was 1414. I really got a sense of how the pros get treated, because that tournament you’d be signing autographs after matches. You be giving interviews and you’d be playing in front of thousands of people, so that really gave me a taste of how the WTA tour is. I guess how good it tastes. Weird taste like it, tasted pretty damn good, like the taste of really good dessert, decided to commit to tennis what it. What does it mean when a family, I’m not in this alone, they’ve been with me since day, one they’re, the ones driving me to practice to school they’re, the ones behind the scenes they also? I made a lot of sacrifices with work. Obviously, they took time away from that, but I’m sure it’s all worth it in the end, when all of this success is coming towards us, the great thing about being will talk to you is that you can maybe help us understand what was in your mind at In certain moments, little bit Indian Wells third-set you’re down a little bit. You look a little bit stressed out. You go to talk to your coach and everybody listening to Swiss is Plato. I really wanted to smash my back, yet you need to push your right you’re going to need to push through it. You’re, going to need to stay strong under adversity, but that’s okay and keep complaining every single ball every single point, because because I was cramping at 2, oh my gosh yeah yeah. It’S the mindset that switched my mindset at that point. Like you said I was so anxious and nervous and just tired. So how did how do you do that? I think you don’t complete tennis to have that moment in life, where you just don’t think you can push anymore and that stupid voices in your head, that aren’t that are trying to tell you you can’t how to get turn that around yeah. It’S I’ve been working on that for so many years. It’S not like it’s. It comes over night. I work alot. I’Ve worked with a psychologist before and my mom introduced meditation at a really young age, so all of that is definitely helping with being able to last long matches like I did in the finals and even in the semi-finals, and it also helps with knot focusing on Things you can control and I think I’m doing that really well now and it’s it’s definitely showing Bianca A Perfect Ten. No, I didn’t know, I didn’t hear that I did hear her say something and I’m sure it wasn’t very nice, but I mean it was In the Heat of the Moment. It was 2 a.m. she lost me last week. She lost me and my Army. So every time we step on the court is going to be a hard battle, but I’m just trying to take the high road here and just not fight back or say anything about that. Has anybody told you, aside with some cautions and talk to you on the tour everyone’s in their own world, in their own space, everyone’s friendly and it’s weather, competition right and so now you’re doing very well in the rankings? I guess the goals have changed a bit. Actually didn’t get a chance to sit down with my coach to talk about that yet, but I would like to maybe crack the top 15 and do very well in the grand slams prunus anyways might as well find out here everything in the world waiting for you. We’Re going to be watching, thank you so much. This doesn’t work hours and I just I I left her and you know what I loved about her just how unapologetically confident she is. I don’t know if that’s being a teen tennis player, but I took something from that’s for sure. It’S going to take her far, you know what I think was pretty striking up for me about. That is that I’ve always had this impression that this is a sport where veteran and M retired athletes were Dementors. I mean she has questions for them, but you know the young Canadians are our kind of on the wrong, but they’re definitely blazing a trail. You’Ve got Bianca, Denis shapovalov Felix. There could be three Canadian teams in the top by the summer, which would be you know if your tennis fan sparked a national conversation about organ donation and then a moment tonight. The special bond between, but it turned out, he’s the one that they were talking about and after two months of testing, he is going to give me his left kidney a lot of Tears this weekend as families and friends. Remember the 16 people who died one year ago in the Humboldt, Broncos bus crash, their deaths touched the country, but their lives touch those who knew them best. I know he’s with us. People say Maryland he’s with you. I should I know he’s with me, but I just want to see Expressions. I want to see that happiness, please Lake. I want to see you know that you polation in him and all the excitement that he’s more than just occupied until the Broncos and told numerous Scouts that I’m not going to University hockey. I want to go where I want to go and that’s University leftridge. So that’s why we’ve tried to push really hard that he’s more than just talk to player. We are devastated. I don’t know, I don’t know how to describe a loss of a child. People say they can’t imagine what you’re going through and I think no, you can’t in the grand scheme of things in in the hockey World Mark was ordinary, but he did everything at an extraordinary level, so he was polite. He was well-mannered. He was honest. You worked hard, he put others ahead of himself. It’S easy to take the shortcut. All the time Park never took a shortcut, no matter what it was tell his players and it was not in this context at all, but we’ve changed it to fit. Our contacts now but he’s to say, take care of the seconds in the minutes. Take care of themselves and he meant it strictly in on the ice. If you your card that says eventually the game moved on and whatever so that’s kind of our life’s model at the moment. Is you just worry about the minute we’re in at this moment and don’t worry about tomorrow? We just came back from a trip. We haven’t buried Adam that tonight I sat down and his favorite chair in the living room and I took his earn and I set it on my lap called out my. I showed him pictures from my trip, I’m holding in my lap by 6 foot 2 200 pounds athletic sun in an urn. Just like I held him when he was a baby. Fruity was the kind of person you just Embrace because everything he said you paid attention to such a young person, the New Lots he was sitting next to Tyler, beaver you in fact, it’s so many people in a positive way, just by being in the same room As them before I met you, I never met any as charismatic and funny is you or if you ask anyone about Logan, they would tell you that there was never a dull moment when he was around. She loves to tease all the time, especially me he’s a middle child and, as everyone knows, the middle child is Goofy a peacemaker. He loves to make me smile and when he moved away he started he was number one brother and sister really jealous. Of course, I’d have to say no, I love you, she was kind, never treated anybody as if they were smaller than him or less than him. He had a deep appreciation for the way that everybody could feel, and he was probably the easiest person to relate to to talk to 2 love and trust that I’ve ever known was a whole package. It was tough when you needed to be on the ice. We all saw him through hits that would break bones, but with his friends and his family he was kind gentle and he loved deeply. He was outstanding. Lake is not a bad word. You can say about that. Guy I’d be looking on the bench where, where shots, I need to ask him what his opinion is. That was my first instinct. Every time always have the answer for me, a sense of humor, his humility, his passion for life that he had to find a way to make the market, probably something that required a lot of brainpower, Parker’s compassion for others never went unnoticed, no matter what circumstance was He always had a positive outlook on the problem and you how to make light of a dark situation whether someone stole the tailgate from his truck or I let him three terrible goals on three shots told to be standing there with that goofy grin.. Don’T worry man we’ll get them next time. Steven had an incredible sense of humor that combined with his natural resilience and his infectious personality made him someone that you’d always want to have in your corner. His personality was much like his play on the ice. He was a fantastic team player that you could always depend on, and he was so even you’ll, even when faced with the toughest of situations but very powerful. As you told you earlier, this is green shirt Day held in memory of one of the Humboldt victims. Logan boulet and today people are sharing some powerful stories of organ donation list of cartoon generosity. He decide to give to me after 2 months of testing he’s going to give me his left kidney One Life lost, but then 60. Math pushed thousands to become organ donors. After the Humboldt, Broncos bus crash Logan play was the face of movement, the need for it a reality for people right across the country, including Steven Gillis. She got really sick in the summer and was told he would need a kidney transplant. That’S when the search for a donor be at the moment it ended when he realized his friend was the answer. That’S our moment when it’s a match light match cuz. My blood type, of course, is rare as well, but it turned out he’s the one he’s going to give me his left kidney be such a top-notch, fantastic human beings, and I thought I might and I tried to help and it’s all working out. But you see it in the video I’m still processing it. I don’t understand. How are you doing this? All this attention needs to be used by others, apuleius actionable a family. I would love to see. People go in sign up in their area. Just make yourself a little bit curious wonder about it. You don’t have to take all this with you and you can save many lives. Just like Logan did like Michael, is doing for me what an amazing gift Stevenson said he has been friends with Michael and his wife Denise for long-time. They haven’t actually seen each other in 10 and then Michael heard. His buddy was sick and started doing the research and now he’s looking after himself very carefully because they both have big surgeries ahead. So it’s going to take a difference and then there and start figuring out the transplant at his hope, is back on the ice of the Peewee hockey coach in September. I’M telling you the end of the show tonight lots of inspiring stories left to think about, and that is the national for Sunday April, 7th goodnight
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