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The National for April 15, 2019 — Notre Dame Fire, Alberta Votes, Penticton Shooting

The National for April 15, 2019 — Notre Dame Fire, Alberta Votes, Penticton Shooting
The National for April 15, 2019 — Notre Dame Fire, Alberta Votes, Penticton Shooting
Cathedral, a symbol of beauty, culture and his in Paris scarf what was lost and the promise to rebuild job the economy and, of course, pipeline. What at stake for the province and yes for the rest of Canada after shooting spree? What was the motive has been? Actually, a sick plume of smoke filled the Paris sky today, best dating site, as the Notre Dame cathedral was consumed by Flames smoldering still hours later. The Majestic structure dates back more than eight centuries. A crowning attraction in a tourist mecca for Christians, especially Rowland the lost deeply-felt on this Easter Holy Week, prayer for the faithful Genius of its design and it’s setting the Braves history. It’S it’s on an island in the river sin in the heart of central Paris, walking distance from other landmarks drawing Millions. Every year today, parisians watched in shock as one of their burned and crumbled. It takes us through a shattering day hellish an hour. That’S what I’m! The symbol of medieval Paris known to draw huge crowds year-round, but not like this waiting and watching and shopping hundreds of firefighters, battled in precarious conditions facing Relentless flames and the site of History Going Up In Smoke. This is a catastrophe said not the X Rector Patrick show that I’m very upset. All I can do is pray. The cathedrals power, Inspire famous in its own right, went down to the sound disbelief unbearably sad. He says this is France, being lost? Investigators suspect it was all an accident, as none of them undergoes multimillion-dollar restoration work. Just days ago, Cruz removed Priceless statues from above unknowingly saving them before the roof was just. The French President met with First Responders and emerged tonight with a promise. We will rebuild this Cathedral altogether said it’s part of France Cloud cheered on firefighters, for having saved what they could. Those two famous towers are still standing Cruz used, flashlights to search for damaged well into the night. But how much is the answer might be just as jarring as the side of this giant gutted Thomas dagley, CBC News, London cathedral in John Francois? What do you see in there tonight and it’s been hours and we can still smell the smoke? We can still see. Ask try to contain the blaze. There is Bavaro thing down the cathedral from a Jackson building now we’re told that the worst has been avoided. We don’t see any more Flames raising from the sky from the building, but they’re going to be backward for the front door for the remainder of the night. That’S for sure people are there. Still hundreds of people gathered around here, faithful that are praying singing religious song. You know I am the cathedral, that’s what is really close to the heart of operations, but all the French people for, of course, just reasons, a spiritual reasons, but also for cultural reasons. All roads lead to Parasol France, Road Ridley, 2 to Paris. Zero is in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, so it’s very dear to the heart of the French. Of course, it would be revealed that that’s what the president promised everyone tonight. Not only is the skyline now change so much history went up in Flames. Fire Stewart looks of the treasures that lived within the Notre Dame Cathedral and what it stood witness to over the centuries Chuy’s Notre Dame has Howard over Paris the medieval holy sites, the second world war in crowds gathered in front to celebrate imagination, it’s renowned for its Flying buttresses and stained glass rose windows and inspired the Hunchback of Notre Dame historian studies, the cathedral. She says much of the building’s original contents were destroyed during the French Revolution, but it still has several religious relics and pieces of art. It’S a huge loss in terms of what we can learn about the past. It’S a lost because of hey little thing that Still Remains today is really precious. This is what the old looks like now, some good news. It appears the crown of thorns said to have been warned by Jesus Christ. Will he was crucified with save from the fire Crews so battle to try to save the iconic spells house? The bells inside replaced in 2013 to Mark the 800 50th anniversary of the cathedral. Matthew Whitfield, it was Notre Dame’s, two organs that left him awestruck. You visited the cathedral because he wanted to hear them for himself being surrounded by that Grandeur in the intensity of sound that these instruments produce. It was truly extraordinary, ORS in revolutions and been repaired before it’s not yet clear. Just how devastating this fire has been Stewart CBC News Vancouver inside the cathedral. Our Moment later in the hour for now, let’s go again for his tonight in Calgary at C, Battleground the choice for voters for more years of NDP government or a return to the tradition of a conservative Premier. Both main contenders say that, after 28 days of contentious campaigning, the options are clear. One more sleep for albertans have an opportunity to vote for change that gets our Province back to work and then gets Alberta back on track, as I did at the outset. Who do you trust to fight for you and her main rival, Jason Kenny? No matter where you go at the heart of that decision? For so many albertans, their bottom line? Alberta has been rocked by collapsing oil prices. The Transmountain pipeline Expansion Project is on hold and more than a hundred and seventy thousand people he are looking for jobs with no luck.. We can do that, while still supporting Healthcare and education, even such a crucial decision. Our Focus tonight what’s at stake for albertans and yes, the rest of Canada is feel about their options in this election made and a whole lot on where they live. The issues, of course play differently for rural and urban voters, but it’s Carolyn. Explains. There was one thing just about everyone can agree on: they don’t like the tone of his whole campaign, a farm-to-table of politics. I don’t believe that this current government has been that favorable. I think consistently the one thing everybody wants his people to go back to work. You know people to be able to afford their mortgages, comfortably people being able to put their kids in Camp Jason. Kenney’S promises are resonating, but that issue is playing differently in Edmonton, where Rachel notley has strong support. The reality is, is everybody inherited this current economy and somebody had to do something and stimulus, pain, he’s always been proven to be a far more beneficial way of getting out of it. I’M going to choose the party that I think is going to provide the most support for the most amount of people, and so for me, that’s then DP. Those polarized is led to an incredibly negative campaign. The reason campaigns go negative is because negative campaigning is is, is quite effective. Right- News catches, your eye, set up cardboard, cutouts of the front-running leaders. Cardboard are not very concerned about education, about the quality of Education. I have someone in my family who is gay, so gay rights are very important to me. Albertans and all calgarians think needs to be done. Dogmatically but pragmatically. What is right in the heart of a city that has a history of picking the party that wins, they’ve done it and every provincial election since 1948? What issues the provinces facing right now are very personal to voters. Here the unemployment rate is the second highest of any major city in Canada. A quarter of the office building empty, not admit she is Calgary’s mayor, and I spoke with him earlier about how important this whole vote is for his City. In for a mayor of a city, it has been about many things and many things that we should talk about. We should be talking about social issues. We should be talking about. The economic plans for them is empty right now, meeting that small businesses across the city are being faced with crushing property tax increases. People always forget the property taxes in just a city tax. It’S also provincial tax, and I really haven’t seen from any of the parties. Real economic plan that helps create jobs that helps to return Calgary to its place. It’S about stuff, and so you know, Premier Nottely, has spent most of the campaign in Calgary. Mr Kenny has been a ton of them campaign, but, despite all that, we’re not really talking about what we can do to know. Mr Kenny wants to reduce corporate taxes over 4 years in a create a bunch of jobs, Laffer Curve, stuff you’re, not Lee thinks that we’re going to create a whole bunch of diversify dream he jobs and so on. Both of those are fine in theory, neither of them helps the dry. Cleaners is going out of business this week. She right neither of these parties. I should say none of them. Cuz there are five parties. None of these parties. Are you get the Trans Mountain pipeline built five minutes earlier than any other party? Some of them might get it build slower at their cards, but I’m not sure that the average voter is really engaged at that level, because I think a lot of people think either once we re-elect. You know the NDP and the UCC kind of goes away. A lot of other people think as soon as you would like the UCP and get rid of the NDP got a honey will flow and either of those things is going to happen with very practical, short-term things we can do, such as a property tax holiday for Small businesses things I’m to really move forward and I didn’t see any of it. What happens Wednesday, whatever you get and the reason I wear purple is because it’s red and blue, I haven’t even got to get more engine they’re like you’re, starting to get everything in there, but I had five premier since I’ve been there and I get to work With anybody cuz my hoard, my only horses Calgary so Wednesday morning, I go back to the books. Read their platforms, then figure out how to help him a Calgary, better Advance voting works here. Hundreds of thousands of ballots will actually be counted until Wednesday. Advanced voter turnout in this election wasn’t just high. It was in fact record-breaking an estimated ballots were cast almost triple the number from the last provincial election about 1/3 use, the new vote anywhere rule which let them vote outside their own riding, think students or workers in the Alberta oil fields, but those 220 1000 ballots. Won’T start being counted until Wednesday and it could potentially take days, which means some tight races might not even have a winner tomorrow night those who didn’t vote in advance before they the polling station tomorrow. Just to my conversation with 3 undecided voters. What issues they’re concerned about that’s coming out, 4 people were shot and killed in the British Columbia City today and, while the suspect turned himself in police say they still aren’t sure what the motive was. Greg Rasmussen has our story, including Mark Johnstone. Three distinct gunshot sounds Bam, Bam Bam, didn’t know what was going on it all started around 10:30. This morning with frantic calls to police about a gunman. Shots were first reported to the center of the city. A man’s body was found there as police were searching more gunfire in a suburb to the South. Three more people were found dead in two neighboring houses and all Two Men and two women were killed just 15 minutes later A car pulled into the local RCMP detachment. Please turn himself in at the front desk. Please say there certain the shooter knew the people he killed sew-in. In that regard, you want to ensure assure the public that there is not random extra officers have done, and hopefully it’s for years Penticton as we known as a laid-back vacation spot. So much violence Vancouver in Mississauga. Just west of Toronto have released dramatic new surveillance video. They are searching for this man, they say he posed as a delivery man and a woman with a crossbow. The 44 year-old survived that were made to the victim by the suspect indicate that the victim was targeted and that the suspect may have carried out the attack at the request of another individual bonding designed to inflict the maximum amount of damage. The man fled the scene in a pickup truck Donald Trump is being accused of inciting violence, as you political Target, receives death threats and will look at the push to put an age limit on pressing the like button on social media. Social media is just honestly think destroying people’s mental health, especially kid you have Omar, is hardly a household name for most Americans, but the US president seems determined to change that repeatedly. Singling out the controversial Muslim congresswoman on Twitter Democrats say the attacks Omar said: she’s getting death threats, Trump backing off or divided this time; / ilhan Omar, a Somali American and US congresswoman, who is Muslim speech by Omar last month to the Council on american-islamic relations for Care in it, she noted too many Muslims in America are ill-treated because of their religion, while referencing the 9/11 attackers care. She said some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. Branding. Her dismissive of 9/11 Republicans jumped on the phrase some people did something: here’s the front page of the New York Post, but Omar underlined. Her point was that Muslim Americans must be treated as equals sweet by the president. Linking her comments with those images and the phrase We will never forget says: Omar deathreats, siding Donald Trump’s, words of Fallen today, Trump called an out-of-control ungrateful. Author of hate statements, say Democrats, the son of streams, R country of of hatred and bigotry with the congresswoman annoys East stare-down, while on Capitol Hill. Today charity was stepped up for Omar Paul Hunter, CBC News Washington from Calgary. I want to see from Alberta’s next government. We must have leadership that will stand up with a strength and Clarity to defend jobs. I will fight for you the final push in Alberta today, to get voters on side and to the ballot boxes tomorrow. People here choose their next Premier and government will be four more years of Rachel. Notley is NDP, or will first United conservative party for a lot of people. That choice is about one big issue: the economy. It is struggling in Alberta, but trying to decide whose approach is best to fix. It, isn’t easy struggling to decide talk about their hopes for the future and their messages to the rest of Canada. My name is Steven Carlton and I’m 56 years old. I’Ve been in Alberton for over 30 years. My Hope for the future is that we have a government that restores Global investor confidence in the province that respects and looks after the well-being of its most vulnerable citizens, and I am 44 years old. I have lived in Alberta for just over twelve years. My help for the future of Alberta is that we really come together and we all work together is an inclusive society that everybody can feel safe and valued in. My name is James by on 27th, and I lived in Alberta all my life. My hope for the future of Alberta is, it is economically diverse, socially diverse and remains one of the best places to live in Canada. Thank you for having me know days out now. Would you agree that it’s been fairly ugly and divisive, but but it seems to me that the anxiety out here has been or is about the economy. It was working on the economy, everybody is working on the pipeline. We are all United, a different stance on things. Doesn’T look like it’s worked out, but she should be commended for trying at least what’s happening to you personally economically, although the delay off is very personal, but but I have to look at what’s happened in this province in this country over the last decade – and this Has been 10 years of self-inflicted pain on the energy, it’s been in confidence that the both the federal and provincial government level that you know we didn’t get a pipeline built in the last 10 years pipeline that they are going through the consultations where, where does that? Because that’s a big gift, we all bought you. How do we get a? How do we get past the walls that are put up around Alberta? How do we get past that has not going to do that by itself? It’S got to be something that we do with with the nation Transmountain with something. Yes, you know if the solution Transmountain becomes an Aboriginal owns pipeline, how much do people in Alberta? We have that entrepreneurial Spirit right, really think we really could happen that base, especially here in Calgary. Vacancy rates are at an all-time low and you know what having impacts on property tax in the city budgets and everything like that place. Then Alberta in Calgary for a new sector to grow in everything that works, like I think we are seeing a condom is say that that isn’t going to deliver the number of jobs that Jason Kenney claims it’s going to deliver. It isn’t going to be there at the Silver Bullet to solve our issues either bath with whoever you think is going to change that after Tuesday. What would be the thing you would help with change. One thing that government comes in expecting the red tape in the bureaucracy to be cut play in the energy industry operations. It’S very difficult to get anything done now I mean what I’d like to see after Tuesday is to whoever wins. You know really take a step towards uniting albertans and focusing us on a common goal. You know some Unity within Alberta and I think that having conversations with., Maybe on different ends of the spectrum and respectful conversations, is important to really as a whole nurture its relationship. I’M looking at a global scale as well, and I don’t think that coming out of Tuesday and having this adversarial stance on everything and if you know some some ultimatums, if you don’t do this, then we’re going to do that. I don’t think that’s helpful for Wonder., Because it’s almost like it’s been a contest to who can stand up to Justin Trudeau, the baths for be the toughest. But I wonder how helpful that is for Alberta to be in an us-versus-them sort of position. Don’T think in the long run that it is a positive thing for Alberta, Orford, Canada, who wants to talk to someone like that, can be really interesting to see how we pull all of this together, how we pull our own legislatures together and how we pulled a Relationship with Tana together, that’s going to be really interesting to see that the victory in the concession speech is on Tuesday to see how they start doing that. What would you say to to the rest of Canada as we watch what you guys to do on Tuesday on this? Are we looking out for everybody’s interest? You know anybody, that’s criticizing Alberta for a climate record or or an environmental record they they have to know that that this is cleanest, most ethically produced energy in the world and the world is not is not using less energy, its solar and wind and oil and Gas and nuclear – you know, Alberta is going to have a lot preview to the bottom line of Canada for decades to come, living Albritton my life, a lot of the times you forget about how good things are. I just want people to read up and do the research on you understand what it is. Alberta has to offer, because it’s a wonderful place for years and even after Tuesday’s still will be going to end on Tuesday, regardless of the results, got a bad thing. Ugliness of the campaign certainly didn’t help matters either. So really I mean Whirlpool show one thing tomorrow: we’ll have to wait and see, because I think people have a lot to consider this time around and we will of course be here from Alberta tomorrow. We will bring you the results from this province, talk about what has impacted this province over the past number of weeks, its relationship with auto a big factor as well. The national will be on at 9 Hockey Night in Canada on CBC TV and, of course, you can watch all the results come in live are election special Alberta vote starts at 10 p.m. Eastern 8 Mountain that will be on CBC News Network and CBC television here. In Alberta I heard tonight on the national Our Moment is a spontaneous and emotional time in Paris is crowd. Washington shock is Notre Dame burn. First, the why the British government is looking at Banning anyone under the age of 18 hitting the like button. We are live here in the National in Paris. Firefighters continue to spray down, what’s left of Notre dame-cathedral after that huge fire down to this fire and part of the roof. Firefighters did manage to contain the Blaze and save the main structure for French president volume to rebuild late tonight. The mayor para share this photo of some of the historic artifact rescued from the Flames, including the crown Thorn said, to have been worn by Jesus Christ. The Mueller report will be released to Congress and the public on Thursday. It is expected, though, to be heavily redacted. The report was finished last month, conclusions saying that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election text to the facetron has Nazem Kadri will miss the rest of the Leafs playoff series against the Boston, Bruins NHL says it’s suspended the Ford For intentionally targeting Jake debrusk head during the game on Saturday, the week says it was a retaliatory. They took Cadre disciplinary record into account his V suspension since 2013, but without him tonight at least manage to beat the Bruins in game 3. They now leave that Series 2 to 1 videos play automatically before chance to say no likes on Facebook. They give you a satisfying hit of self-worth. These are features carefully designed to keep you on apps. More often for longer and research shows the children are especially susceptible. It’S why the British government is proposing new rules for social media platforms, including Banning seductive features like those Facebook likes for users under the age of 18. Some experts cheer the proposals but Macintosh. It is easier, said than done. Don’T text just snap them? What are you Snapchat for two people? You know just snapping people a lot of it. Just it’s not even conversations. It’S just stupid snap streaks a streak is kind of like a game. Keep a Snapchat conversation going, get recognized everyone’s just trying to get like 200 500 and go online, and if you miss one day, it’s gone forever. So it’s like there’s a big incentive keeping.up. Even if think that’s a good idea. Cuz, honestly, like social media, is just honestly think destroying people’s mental health, especially kid. The gratification of those streaks Britain’s privacy regulator, concern Canadian mental health Advocates, say social lives on social media have become high pressure right now. The Canadian government is not exploring similar restrictions. It’S not clear how you enforce an age restriction. Experts say it could require more data, possibly be more invasive. Another question to ask back and will be regulated so how the analytics of the platform will be regulated. You want a cookie, not quite high school, but at times it might not feel all that car off at the same time, like they’re different ways to communicate. That are more like genuine, really why I have it to keep in touch with some people. One snap at a time, Cameron, Mackintosh, CBC News, Winnipeg social media text, Ed classroom, use another at a time when Society grapples with Waze to stop gender-based violence. Hispanic leader Nick Purdon went to an Ottawa High School to follow a workshop on sexual consent. Here’S another look at what he found. Okay. Well welcome guys. My name is Matt’s. I work with Ottowa coalition to end violence against women. Here’S what a sex-ed workshop looks like I’ve been allowed to sit in students from a y Jackson. High School in Ottowa learn about consent, take a car instead of walking because they don’t feel safe, walking and the reason for that. So some of the things that I hear people say is when I walk to my car and my keys as a weapon, I won’t rent an apartment on the 1st floor. If I’m at a party or at the bar, I would only go with friends. I’Ve never go alone, and I would never leave alone most of the violence that women report its men who are doing the arm. Why is that? Why is so much of it coming from guys and I spent most of his adult life, trying to invite and swimming here in Ottawa over the last few years he’s given this Workshop to about 4,000 people invited Matt to talk to their Men’s Leadership group, they called Man up Amir Shukla explains what being part of man up is done for him. Another interesting point is like Adam Telford says: every member of the group is committed to standing up to any kind of violence they witness after school.. I didn’t realize, set down and realize, like this is happening everywhere, and this makes me soft the last few years and they tell him some of the challenges they face from guys that are changing. People used to know how to behave, paragraphs confusing to be a man. I don’t know what women want. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells mission on how to behave in a relationship and the stakes are high when you consider that most sexual violence is committed by someone, the victim is close to I’ve been telling her it’s time. To start having sex because they’ve been together, six or six months, he’s trying to get something out of your eye, the kind of pressure that women feel even I could ask in the nicest way, she’s still going to feel this pressure. She might actually feel like it’s safer just to go along with it. That’S what I hear people say is it’s safer to go along with it pressure teenage boys feel to have sex is part of the problem if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. for a lot of teenage guys now is knowing what is right and What is wrong to do with that like for you? It’S it’s difficult and I really think our generation is going to be the generation of change, and I think that extremely difficult role, because we have to be the ones who Define those lines which ones communicating with your partner. Let’S, with an ex exercise, is all about students have created. What do you want me to do to you or not? Of course, it’s easy to make all the right choices and decisions when you’re with your friends and so has the workshop comes to an end, not challenges the group kind of guys. We want Tobe. We know what our highest values are like. We know what we should be doing but realized messier than that, and I think the strength of your group is that you, you have each other, that’s really powerful. Thanks for going to sell violence against women, that’s not a bad place to start next. Purdue CBC News Ottawa will hear from parisians United in grief after claims got head knocker that much different, much more somber Parisian themed shot his fire engulfed a piece of that City’s history and they kept watch late into the night standing together as close as they could To the Notre Dame Cathedral, but they weren’t just watching how they were moved to sing and to pray. Their outpouring of grief is tonight’s moment. This heartbreaking event happened, haven’t seen the World Cup after the mood is much different. Much more somber three interesting they’ve been single for quite a while now we’re all very sad that this is happening feeling today, just overwhelming sadness like a strange attachment to a monument in another city, but when it feels really close, I mean I’ve been there. Other people have been there and it was really very sad to see all those seen that’s inside preserved was a bit of a relief that there’s so much there that still left to how about hymns of a religious music that is stirring. That is moving. That is Solemn and in the car text their spontaneously singing outside it. It certainly was moving to listen to even from here that is the national for April 15th, good night,
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