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Secularism bill is ‘ethnic cleansing:’ Quebec mayor | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Secularism bill is ‘ethnic cleansing:’ Quebec mayor | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Secularism bill is ‘ethnic cleansing:’ Quebec mayor | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Another protest. starters before, but now there are accusations from inside the province. Kobackers calling of quebecers this week and ethnic cleansing is an attempt to remove those who practice minority religions leaving only nonbelievers and Christians in Quebec. This is ethnic cleansing. He wasn’t alone. You’Ve got teachers, unions, lawyers, they’re, all speaking up, saying. The old Arguments for these kinds of band no longer hold a lot of pushback is coming from the two big players in this debate. A popular radio host who this week was accused of inciting Hate by someone in government, and all of this is driven by Bill 21. It aims to stop public servants like teachers, judges, police officers from wearing religious symbols at work like turbines, keep us and he jobs. Crucifixes are okay, so here’s the thing process and keep us I’ve been around for centuries and the Quebec government never felt the pressure to bring in a ban on that. So what’s changed demographics for one new legislation in the night, these little bastard in French speaking immigrants. Many from muslim-majority countries, like Algeria and Morocco, what happened in 2007, the Tiny Town of Boonville made International headlines when it introduced a code of conduct. Women wear veils emergency. That’S a problem, I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but I like it looking for what it called reasonable accommodation to bills were brought in over the next few years at Charter of values and the niqab and remember them idea as high as 70 % is a big Generational divide people under 35, R15 to 25 % less likely to support a ban on religious symbols. There also a lot less likely to reduce immigration to Quebec. Tipping Point made up less than 1 % of Quebec population of indigenous people fast forward to 2016, and that number Rose to 13 %. Explain the popularity of this film from France now playing movies about a nice kids from different backgrounds. What did I do to deserve this or an English serial bad yeah? It’S a romantic comedy and I hit everyone learns to get along. It’S like what’s happening in Quebec, Traditional Values of the older generation. One call that’s the start of a second quiet Revolution, but the first one came after what was told and he was backed by the powerful Catholic church, but against the church, more kids to taking birth control, feminism exploded couples were free to divorce. Instead of getting married. A lot of people Landslide victory in 1976, church and state the debate is about freedom of religion and Quebec is also been about. Freedom from religion text and it’s in a critical spot. A religious symbol is history. Nowhere is a Bible for identity, more obvious than with Quebec’s version of shock. Jocks shows on the radio, so provocative, they’re known or trash radio. They say they’re exposing the ugly side of multiculturalism spreading hate in 2017, for example, and announcer on one of Quebec. City’S most popular show said the Muslim headscarf is just as offensive to him as the swastika. Of course, six Muslims were shot and killed soften the bed. The premier of the times live criar pleaded for more respectful dialogue, spoken words written words matter, but they can’t hurt. They can hurt very much and we should all be cognizant of that. Someone on the show, but things haven’t changed very much enjoy now by another popular shock-jock he’s in Quebec City symbols in the public service that you’re also pushing this petition to keep a crucifix in the National Assembly. Do you see how some people might see that, as as hypocritical in terms of religion, you know their religious aspect of Quebec’s society as very changed since the quiet revolution in the sixties and a lot of people currently are feeling that? Yes, it’s part of our history is father’s rights. Pinballz, do you know the name of our streets of our Villages much more than elsewhere in English, Canada, for example, they’re just asking to make sure that we acknowledge that this is what happened in the past. Our education system, our Healthcare System, was built are trees. By or not I mean it’s part of what we are. They did build those things that we cannot erase. You know our history or take a few pages off our history books. I don’t think that’s that kind of revisionism would be great for anyone traditionally. Arguments for the band have been about secularism for feminism. It’S now against the band, I’m increasingly it’s not almost all white francophones at the makeup go back anymore turn into the rest of the country. As you know, you get points at some point system when you get to Quebec and when you speak French and you have much more points, the immigration has changed drastically over the last few years and it’s not as diverse Maybe could be an English Canada and the Thing is that when you get, you know a few communities from only a few countries, you know they stick together and it gets much more difficult to integrate with in Quebec society and their there’s a risk of having ghettos and which is nobody’s hoping the one side Or the other, so there’s also that fact that could be a little bit different in Quebec than in the rest of the country. Islam is trying to dominate the planet. I mean it really does sound like you’re trying to provoke you’ve actually been accused publicly of inciting hatred. As I said, it’s been going on for years and years and years in Quebec, we’ve been around all of those the Bay. Now I don’t see it, you know the opposition is not surprisingly the people we find something. That’S very consensual. Concentra me more radical. Are the Multicultural this right now in Quebec with what that their message is not resonating? That domain party that has been promoting multiculturalism in Quebec to Quebec Liberal Party is now at 10 % among francophones me where Wendy, and I can tell you that you’re there addition at on the band is not a an accident. I mean they’re getting disconnected with French Quebec right now anyway, that I may be making things worse to have. You ever think that the media and your upon death and you’re expressing your you’re on you’re, not talk, radio. You have use and you’re expressing your opinion and there’s people who, like it, people who don’t – and this is what apocracy is all about – Indus West freedom of expression is all about, and this is how we have debates in a normal society. Jordan me from Montreal to talk about this issue from Another Side of the debate, is a writer and activist named Isa, so you just heard and say that hearing that is hurtful definitely cuz. I consider myself a comebacker. I consider myself a Canadian and I consider myself fully integrated into the society. I mean if you myself is an example. I was valedictorian. You know I went to Miguel III checked all the boxes which So Many religious minorities do in efforts to be exemplary citizens and to contribute to society. And it’s a shame. Our government is really putting into place laws which will prevent us from contributing to society. So, yes, it is hurtful differently or recently, academic Citadel, which is a provincial party here in Quebec, I had a very important vote on this bill, whether to support it or not, and roughly 95 % of their members voted against supporting this bill at it’s. A very young party, so I think maybe some of that generational divide. We can see in positions like the one that’s being taken by Quebec studies, I’m so. Yes, I do think. There’S a general generational divide. You know some things that previous generations have lived through. Maybe some younger generations and Quebec don’t have eyes closed in experience with. I believe it is a slowly, but surely I think it is the convexity down decision shows that it is changing younger people in Quebec. Will, you know, be the future of this province? Have different opinions and different positions than maybe some of the old Generations, but I think what we’ve seen recently is: there’s been a huge push back from Civil Society with many major organizations, including the ffk for the hustle Defender, Quebec largest women’s organization organization. Any unions as well to CSN and other very important Civil Society groups coming out in all mass against this proposed Bill. Are you saying the Quebec is more racist or more xenophobic than any other province? Definitely not. I think these currents are always at play with in any society, so I think that it behooves the rest of Canada not to look at what’s going on and come back through a holier-than-thou lense, but to really activate in rest of our most cherished values, namely of The rights that we have enshrined in our various artists,
Proponents of Quebec’s proposed religious symbols ban say it is necessary to protect the province’s identity. Others say the ban is discriminatory, and one mayor even calls it “ethnic cleansing.” Polls suggest most Quebecers support the idea, but a generational divide remains. Wendy Mesley talks to people on both sides of the debate.
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