Saturday, 25 May 2019

North Korea says test-fired new type of weapon

North Korea says test-fired new type of weapon
North Korea says test-fired new type of weapon
These photos show North Korean leader, Kim Jeong Hoon, observing his ministries, Air Force drills. They were taken just two days before North Korea, State News Agency announced he’s successful firing of a new type of tactical weapon. The cast of The Kim Jeong Hoon was also there to witness. The development of the weapon system serves as an event a very weighty significance in increasing the combat power of the people of North Korea. Detail but analysts say it does not seem to it being a band’s ballistic missile North Korea stop testing its mid and long-range ballistic missiles when it began nuclear talks with the US last year. Jeopardize negotiations instead. Weapons test is intended to Signal the country’s growing impatience with the US toxaphene in deadlock, since Kim Jeong hoon and Donald Trump second Summit in Hanoi ended progressed. The US said: North Korea was demanding sanctions relief without taking big enough steps forward towards denuclearization Pyongyang said Washington was being unreasonable with its demands that test comes just days after us think-tank released recent satellite images showing new activity at the North Korea nuclear site. It also comes just a week after both leaders were indicating that willingness to meet for a third time, but now there’s one man that Pyongyang never wants to see if the negotiating table ever again and that man is US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, North Korea says That wanted someone who is more careful and mature in communicating
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North Korea says it has tested a new type of tactical guided weapon. Experts say it does not appear to be a mid or long-range ballistic missile, which would threaten the future of nuclear talks with the United States. Pyongyang is also demanding that Washington remove Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from the nuclear negotiations. Thomas Waterhouse reports.

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