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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News
In a fiery Las Vegas speech, the president accusing Democrats, Seattle dropping two people inside their SUV, a breakthrough treatment for deadly pancreatic cancer bleed during their Airbnb if you’re being spied on and how artificial intelligence could change the part you view in the museum but touch this Is NBC Nightly News with Jose diaz-balart The Gangsta Party, the speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition comes at the President, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Democrats taking away from us with a powerful Lobby of American Jews advocate for Israel. Nuclear family recognize Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights. Who was done and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the president of withering charge of apologize after making anti-semitic comments thanks to representative Omar of Minnesota? Oh, I forgot. She doesn’t like Israel order visit Friday, delivering a severe and unwelcoming message to migrants, our country is. who’s, going to win the race ultimately concerned about his own, with your house or November 3rd 2020. Asking this friendly and influential audience to stand with him. Trump is traveling back from Las Vegas to the White House tonight, parts of the investigative and Democrat jussie Smollett record in the face of growing backlash, we’re Chicago’s top prosecutor, surrounded by support and fighting back after the police Union demanded she stepped down box has been in The spotlight, after her department dropped all 16 felony counts against Empire actor source of the last couple of weeks. The Distortion of who I am and what I stand on, I feel it absolutely necessary to come and reassure those who voted for me next year and this week the high profile case was handled. Retired judges Fox recuse herself, before the charges were filed against mole that but says she’s open to an outside investigation. I am again availing myself to an independent review of how we handle this case because it is old to the public, because the question that is asked who could be legal face off with the city during his case NBC News. The ongoing controversy surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange overnight Ecuador responded to claims. He was about to be expelled from his London Embassy after 7 years, showing ingratitude disrespect. Sarah Harmon has the latest from Lund Thursday, a claim Ecuador’s. President he’s repeatedly violated the issues: the song Just housekeeping his internet usage, even his pet cat. In the midst of Investigation in the embassy seen only during occasional address secretary this week, he’s a free man. He can leave the embassy whenever he wants to. So we want this situation resolved as quickly as possible charges for releasing a trove of government secrets to WikiLeaks. Tonight A songs remains firmly behind closed doors, but back in the spotlight. Sarah Harman NBC News, London in crisis-ridden Venezuela of the protester getting louder and bigger tens of thousands took to the streets across the country today to protest against President in the blame for destroying the economy, crippling power, outages and widespread shortages of water, food and Medicine opposition Leader 1 y dos, supported by more than 50 countries, has been insisting mahouto, and his government must step down Louisiana at historically. Black churches call them suspicious. There have been no reports of injuries, Millions Across the Nation or under a risk of severe thunderstorms. This weekend, especially in the South, where temperatures are far above normal WBC Steak and Shake see you Jose, we have rough weather rolling through sections of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas temperatures. Well, tonight’s 21 million people at risk and then tomorrow begins to expand heading to the North and the East 37 million people, because if the dark back to you, amazing people in the car had only minor injuries, music. No one wants to hear his stomach pain with Ashley Advanced pancreatic cancer a year to live that kind of a message I heard it and I and II I Saw Linda break down and – and I remember just being completely devastated – all die from this disease. Most tumors like little are detected too late when surgery is far too risky. But now the steam at the Mayo Clinic has developed a new way to attack tumors once considered inoperable cancer, Innovative approach pet scans to make sure the cancer is dead before removing the tumor. Surgically so the key to what you’re doing here is making sure that’s no longer alive before you go in to surgically removed, changing the average survival time for 194 patients once to live is now almost five years, and for many still counting I can be with my Wife and my and my grandchildren you’re still here, we, the biggest killers Iowa rode to the Democratic nomination, started here in New York, with a focus on hip hop and the black community have more than three and a half million YouTube subscribers and syndication in 90 Market. Already hosted almost a third of the democratic field, this year, absolutely positively serious one that 77 % African American Or Hispanic voters Hillary Clinton reached out to in 2016 wrong Beggin. Your answer: have real solutions are taking to heart forever nervous about coming on the show? What are the issues that your audience wants to hear from the presidential candidate real estate banking? A new campaign stop on the road to 27 Morgan Radford, NBC News be York. 38 years in the Senate, Democrat was also governor of South Carolina 97 popular rocker. Getting a museum is offering a unique experience for each person pause longer in front of certain works of art. Others are your taste at Sotheby’s, auction house and unusual painting is up for sale. It’S actually makes of hundreds of thousands of paintings Federal software that generates an ever-changing portrait. My hands are off. I also have to hope that it will continue doing what I had in mind when I set it up. Even the most traditional institutions are also letting aai curate art prints in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MIT and Microsoft are using AI to predict, which you will enjoy charity says it’s a way to Taylor art for anyone, but literally a personalized based on that individual. Once the collection is scanned, the museum can recommend art as easily as online stores recommend books or clothing creativity. I mean all of this as part of the unique Magic of Being Human right. What happens if machines begin to pick out the pattern Being Human and being fool whatever it is clean Amante I portrait sold for more than $ 50,000. Does he worry about killing off the role of human artists? It’S enabling need to do and see things that I might not be able to do nearly or even imagined, maybe a I can’t replace the human touch, but it does a beautiful impersonation, Jake, Ward, NBC News, New York and then we’ll meet our players. Baby rocker the US Mission product safety Commission recommends that parents close the Rockers three-point harness. The warning comes this after yet another family recently found a hidden camera in their Airbnb are Molly Hunter reports. There is technology that can help you spot these devices, and now the Barker family from New Zealand is the latest to discover a creepy hidden camera. On a trip to Ireland. Neely Barker tells NBC news that her husband, who works in it, security immediately scandal. They found the device inside the smoke detector, a horrible sinking feeling and says when she called Airbnb over the phone. The standards we set for ourselves it is removed. The host and refunded the Barker stay Torres have reported finding cameras in life.. Is this being recorded or what was going on there? You can use at home to scan a Wi-Fi network for other devices, including inet and sinks, and there’s also this app called the flash on your camera. Just like that that you may not see with a naked eye powering through the Unstoppable Spirit of some amazing at 2, keep them on the sideline he was diagnosed. We were told he probably won’t live his next birthday. He may not breathe on his own heat on his own. What was life like before you started playing? It was really a lot of guns, not knowing exactly what to do. Two years later, then has something to do with the magic of this sport. There wasn’t really anywhere where I fit in, or I really felt at home. Until Power Soccer came around exclusively for power, wheelchair users. This group of professional athletes placed second in the nation, but they’re. Also professionals off the court been is a mechanical engineer. Teammate Josh Ringgold is a software developer. They just happen to use Wheels instead of shoes. When you want your son out there dominating. How do you feel, obviously I’m proud of him, but to see him where he is now? No, through the years he has regressed at his disease, has progressed, he’s still doing what he left in Australia. Simmons scores a goal for Team USA on the court. It’S it’s pedal-to-the-metal, going against each other spider NBC News Tampa Florida reporting from New York. Thank you for the privilege of your time and goodnight nbcnews checking out our YouTube channel subscribe here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. 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Pres. Trump accuses Democrats of allowing anti-Semitism to take root, Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx defends record after Smollett controversy, and new treatment could offer hope to pancreatic cancer patients.Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 6th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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