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Nenshi says neither Notley or Kenney’s economic policies will help Calgary

Nenshi says neither Notley or Kenney’s economic policies will help Calgary
Nenshi says neither Notley or Kenney’s economic policies will help Calgary
The campaign here in Alberta, where voting is set to begin tomorrow across the province Advance man’s massive Advanced bullet almost 700,000, both of already been cast underlines. This isn’t election of intense interest to albertans, a tissue economy and the need for pipelines to connect oil sands production to the West Coast a full. By now, his research shows the two major parties are eight points of part with the UPS UCP in the lead. Although there’s only a three preference for Kenny over Nutley watching closely from City Hall, is someone with a vested interest in getting a premier, he can work with the cure, an ailing economy, Kyra May or not heating, and she joins me from City Hall. You’Re doing a lot better than the economy. These days, we hear a lot about 230,000 layoffs, hemorrhaging potential for an energy sector, that’s still a powerful force for Canada. What are the stakes for Calgary and other cities in this election turn this around well yeah, as you say. We’re kind of concerned with a different kind of power play today. Sorry game 3. But it is important for us to think about what those steaks are. Not just for Calgary but for the country. You know, Calgary has long been the economic engine of the nation, and is you say our unemployment rate here is now the highest in the country of any Big City. Downtown vacancy rate means that nearly one-in-four buildings down EMC and there’s a bunch of a tendon problems that come with that. So one of the things that I did as I’ve done in many previous campaign issues that were important to the city. We publish those results for Batum at YYC, matters. CA, there’s some good news in there. The good news is, people are committed to me. Infrastructure projects we need in Calgary did bad news in there. Nobody knows what to do about cannabis, extended producer, recycling, responsibility and recycling. With the worst news in my in my opinion is that, although in theory this campaign has been about the economy, we haven’t really vetted the economic issues. Those are eruptions. Watson, very troubling things going on around candidates, but we haven’t really looked at those economic plans. So let me tell you something: none of the parties really in to have a great plan for what to do to help Calgary in to help Calgary now, and you know, the other thing is the great truth that we have to tell ourselves is not one of These parties can do one thing to get the Trans Mountain pipeline five minutes earlier. They can do a lot of things to make it the later and so kind of that narrative is one that isn’t frustrating to me, because I think it’s masking the real lack of a plan to help those small businesses in Calgary bring jobs back till Calgary businesses Grow and to attract new businesses to the city example of something you think could have put a booster into the Calgary economy. What what specifically? Where you hear that you didn’t hear it sure, I’m looking for all kinds of ideas cuz, I certainly don’t have them all, but I have to say that the City of Calgary is feeling a little bit ordered government with the least ability to pay. Doing this example into a venture fund to attract businesses to Calgary sweeten the pot a little bit of the federal Northern provincial governments have been interested in helping out with that real Economic Development. We have a real problem and it’s very mathematical in a bit complicated, but because of the downtown assessment issue: small businesses outside of the downtown or seeing huge increase in their property, 150 million in to help these businesses. But here’s the ironic thing: 40 % of those property taxes go to the province and the province has been completely absent on this. So I was surprised that none of the party seem to have any ideas or, frankly, any other new ideas. I get Calvary back in its rightful place and economic engine of the country. Are you worried that we’ve heard this theory that if Jason Kenney winds tomorrow and he’s going to take out a very hard line, stand on eliminating carvant accident and raising emission levels of the other plans that actually, that might put the prime minister in a box where He cannot Greenlight the Trans Mountain pipeline cuz. He made that is part of a grand bargain with notley to fight climate change. Do you worry that Kenny government could actually, instead of being more stress, stronger advocate for pipeline mag, actually go into the reverse? Had many many many congress with the Prime Minister and with the entire federal government about the me to green-light pipeline, then I got to tell you. It was a journey at one point the Prime Minister said to me. You know right now: I’ve got three seats in Alberta. If I do all of this, how many seats do I have in Albert – and I said maybe one – and he said yes, but it’s the right thing to do and it’s something we’ve got to do and so I feel like, regardless of who wins The Selection, I’m Going to have to do a ton of work to make sure that we are still moving forward with these pipeline, but I’ve certainly heard the theory that you’ve expressed your former postmedia colleagues on braid is written about it in some detail because here’s the thing other four Provinces – it’s probably not worried about that which was agreed to after much negotiation with the oil companies getting everyone on board. It was part of that grand bargain and if we have a new government tomorrow, that turns off the Taps to BC and reduces and gets rid of that emissions cap. If I’m the Prime Minister, it’s harder for me to make that commitment that this is the right thing to do, especially in an election year. So I would tread Softly on this. But no I’m going to have to do some work to make sure I’m continuing to make that case. Do you think it’s necessary, or is this just flit akkel record rhetoric on hyperbole over to Overkill? Incredibly, nice things about the way he’s managed this situation, and I stand by those things. I also understand that, thanks to a lot of hard work, even from folks like me, going to Vancouver and making the case for the pipelines at Publix British Columbia, where the pipelines is well above 50 %, even in Vancouver and at about 50 % on the island. Given that it doesn’t make sense for me to penalize people who were just trying to go to work or trying to transport for something that we’re a little bit irritated with with their government and, quite frankly, there’s nothing on the table at the moment. Are you in favor of the slide continued to be in favor of this law, but you got to use it at the right moment, not just to use it, because it’s a helpful thing to say before an election where are still in the race on some of The ones that left the race at it says I’m freely incendiary issues and been tolerance, homophobia, racial intolerance. Are you worried that this is going to be built in if the government is elected tomorrow, I’m not worried that it’s going to be built since the government. I have no evidence whatsoever that Jason Kenney feels that way, but I’m going to tell you a quick story done. I met a woman a couple weeks ago, a 98 year old woman. Nothing and she was a Jewish French Resistance. Spy in the Second World War. Can’T stop what I’m doing because the world today is 1935. It’S exactly 1935 and I know the next Challenger years old, terrifying in 2012. The election in Alberta turn because of one homophobic comment. One and there have been some 25 candidates who made hateful comments, mostly not entirely mostly this kind of discussion, this kind of debate, this kind of, what’s going on with our society. That troubles me greatly and we have to do something about it and it’s important that people are saying well. This stuff means you’re complicit in this stuff, and if you believe that every human being on this land is our streets safe and deserves to have opportunity, that’s got to be part of our political conversation. All right play Go, Flames go and everyone get out and vote
Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi discusses the upcoming Alberta election and the economic policies from the Kenney and Notley campaigns.

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