Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019

Macron on Notre Dame: ‘This cathedral will be rebuilt’

Macron on Notre Dame: ‘This cathedral will be rebuilt’
Macron on Notre Dame: ‘This cathedral will be rebuilt’
Good evening, everybody has happened this evening in Paris is obviously a terrible tragedy and, above my thoughts and my thanks to the firefighters of Paris, 500 of them for several hours, I’ve been fighting against the flames and continue to do so and will continue to do so. And several days they have done so with extreme courage and bravery, great professionalism and with a lot of determination, press the thing so good of the nation during these hours, thanks to the commitment and the commitment of the state services, the worst has been avoided you, but The battle isn’t fully one yet in the next 2 hours is, that would be difficult. Circumstances. and the two main towers of the cathedral have not collapse. So above all this evening, my thoughts go to the Catholics of France and of the world, particularly this Holy Week. I know what they feel and we are at the side we are with them. I would my thoughts also go to all the parisians. Is the map of Paris has been with us throughout these hours as soon as the first Flames? I know how deeply affected she is now deeply affected, all the inhabitants of the city. My thoughts also go to all my fellow countrymen of Paris. Is our History: Literature, our imagination, the place I’ve experienced or great historic Boomers epidemics, The Liberation? It’S the epicenter of our life is the standard wear Bell by all the distances across Paris and France on measured any books. How many books and paintings have been of all French people. This history is our history, it is burning, it is burning, and I know the sadness terrible feeling inside which so many of our a feeling of this evening, also like to say a few words of Hope for all of us. This hope is the pride that we should roll feel the pride all those who have fought to prevent the worst firefighters Pride was built over 800 what 800 years ago and through the centuries it has been approved, it has been embellished. So I say to you guys telling me this evening: this will be rebuilt all together. It is probably part of our destiny as France and our project for the years to come, and I make this commitment from Tomorrow. National subscription will be organized Bronze & Beyond our borders. We own the most talented people and there are many of them as they will come and contribute to disappear. We will rebuild the cathedral, we will rebuild not for them. This is what the french expect, because this is Walter history deserves because it’s our destiny. Thank you very much.
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After a fire ravaged the famous Notre Dame cathedral, Macron has addressed the nation, pledging to rebuild Notre Dame over the coming years.

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