Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

LeBron James: Nipsey Hussle tragedy is “so unfortunate”

LeBron James: Nipsey Hussle tragedy is “so unfortunate”
LeBron James: Nipsey Hussle tragedy is “so unfortunate”
The loss of Nipsey Hussle has really affected people, not only hear it in his hometown of Los Angeles with all over the world because he was so talented and so giving and one of those that he had a real, distinct impression upon the Lakers LeBron James. First of all, mount my condolences in my respect it to 2 Nipsey and his family is another track, another tragedy in there in an inner-city, an urban community and it in a song. Unfortunately, it is so unfortunate when you look at a guy who believe in what he believed then talked about how he wanted to give back to his own Community actually gave back to his community and Ashley in his community is not many who done that and to See his life taken away from him in his community by someone that come from his community. This is one of the one of the most fortunate events that happened in American history, and I just feel for it being here and being a friend of mine as well. You just don’t, I still don’t believe it because we always talked about like you know when you, when you become someone you tap into that give. This is what we’ve been talked about, your tap into that gift, and then you, you know what you’ll get Fizz and then you give back and you continue to back and you continue to give back and you continued to put on for where you come from and To see it taken away by someone that didn’t have the same drive that didn’t have the same ambition that didn’t have the same motivation. We come from the same place. You come from it’s what we have to deal with in our own inner cities. We go to school with these guys we played Little League football and basketball with this guy and because of their motive, a not being as much as ours and becomes I hate that becomes of you made it, and you left me here: they start to really hate. You for that, and for all of us that still able to breathe and talk, communicate and have a platform. We have to continue to Enlighten all each other that you have to continue to give back. You have to continue to preacher word and continue to be safe because you didn’t., You never know when it’s your time, Nipsey Hussle taken from us far far too soon, but will never ever be forgotten, reported from Staples Center. I’M Jim Hill
LeBron James called Nipsey Hussle’s murder “one of the most unfortunate events that has happened in American history.” CBS L.A. sports director Jim Hill spoke to James.

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