Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Kidnapped American tourist in Uganda is released

Kidnapped American tourist in Uganda is released
Kidnapped American tourist in Uganda is released
Tonight’S other breaking news in American Tourist kidnapped during overseas Safari and held captive for 5 days tonight. She is free Ugandan officials, rescuing thirty-five-year-old, kimberly-sue Endicott and a Congolese guide, John Paul. They say the pair of pulled both in good health and were on a safari drive when four men kidnap them at gunpoint, demanding half-a-million dollars for their release. Abc senior foreign correspondent panel is in Uganda. Tonight read last. This is the last released as the news came through. We shall have movie stars on it, relieves us good news FBI negotiators to be involved Ugandan police, not releasing a statement saying in good health and in the safe hands; okay, physical, good news for you as well. Right now, what’s good to eat tonight in Ian’s, so many questions about how this rescue operation happened and whether a ransom was paid or not the US government’s insisting it doesn’t pay kidnappers 50 is encourages more now. If that’s the case, then that’ll be a huge concern to the people who live in and rely on the tourists who come to visit Tom reporting from Uganda tonight on that breaking news Ian. Thank you. Baby see News YouTube, channel, more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and get to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
After being held for five days, 35-year-old Kimberly Sue Endicott and her guide were returned. Ugandan officials said they are in good health.

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