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Joel Embiid apologizes for elbowing Jarrett Allen in 76ers’ Game 2 win | NBA Sound

Joel Embiid apologizes for elbowing Jarrett Allen in 76ers’ Game 2 win | NBA Sound
Joel Embiid apologizes for elbowing Jarrett Allen in 76ers’ Game 2 win | NBA Sound
Joey had a couple of opportunities: every could have shot that three-pointer pulled it down when Annie got the year, except for the fact. I think, there’s another way to play. Jj with the dribble handoff mean it was said something you’re looking to to just take it down low, not be out there. On the pruner I mean I was just. I was just thinking what the defense was giving me if you’re going to give me not much space I feel like I can do a lot of face with it and tonight I just decide to be aggressive: a drop the ball, some nice, I’m going to shoot It but tonight I was just trying to be aggressive, Michael the way you start off. The third quarter score in the first eight points: are you guys how intestinal was that? Was that what was presenting itself in the game, or was the coaching staff and players looking for you about tonight? I think we made a big point of finding me in the post and still, I might see, miss you a great job of finding me and we played out. If we move the ball, we share the ball. I know that we were just aggressive when you see how you send me play without copper, energy. He picks you up at least you up and it makes you want to play the same way and I thought tonight it was fantastic. Sounded you with me. The series in the playoffs a bike to the bank question about aggression. The mindset going in today been for you to just get out there extra responsibility to get to buy a self to get JJ off because they didn’t have a good game. 1 of the display into the aggressiveness that you had just trying to do. My job mismatches see who’s open. If it’s Joe just to buy is Jimmy whoever it is JJ correctly. My sister came in at the follow you last night what he does, but the three other guys are the best on bring it. You might not be enough, so we need everybody. We need everybody to be aggressive, father game plan and play together Shadow Ball, and you just Dominic Joe, was a point to be more physical tonight. Both sides of both ends of the court and were you surprised that you got a technical on the elbow swing through at the end of the second quarter? I wasn’t surprised I saw the replay and obviously it wasn’t intentional and I got him pretty good and I’m sorry about it. But, okay, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t intentional. But it’s just me trying to be aggressive. Be humble! That’S why I was just trying to be aggressive Joe on how does your knee feel now and how close for you tonight and not playing tonight for my team-mates. You know I feel like we are so cool. You know. Sometimes they need me, and I just feel, like you know, just playing through the pain and playing for them and just be trying to give whatever I can. Obviously you know missing. So many games is hard to find out where them and also been on many Russians is hard to find out where them. So whenever I’m all day, you know I just kind of fun. What about a pan that just play through that? You know just trying to do the right things. Obviously the defense gave him the same, look all night and he kept knocking down those shots. Are you will you was great., It’s good to see that you know when I come out, you know other guys come in then everybody step up your game like this. Everybody involved a man that was. That was a great game. You know we’ve been done by what 20 points, so you just got to go back and do you know watch what walked out and I feel like if we play the same, where did that. Shanna ball? That’S just being aggressive. You know penetrating five Shooters been doing his job, maybe a dominant defensive, which is not allowed them to show I’ll make so many threes. I think that’s the formula and we just got to do it three more times and we going to be good. Then there was a moment there in the second half or you got to steal, hit the air hands in the air like Allen, Iverson taking on the crowd, tell us what you were feeling at that moment and what made you do that I was thinking about the Booze from last game, but you know I got love a lot of love for the city – fancy everytime. I step on the floor, trying no play as hard as I can, and I was just showing that every game is for the city, so you talked yesterday after practice about a few things you feel like it delivered on the aggressiveness that defensive, like you just talked About feel, like you delivered on everything you deserve thought that yesterday I was aggressive, the same time more games, only one game,
Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons break down the Philadelphia 76ers’ Game 2 win against the Brooklyn Nets, tying the series up 1-1. Embiid says his elbow to Jarrett Allen was unintentional and that he is sorry about it, which spurs some laughter from Ben Simmons. Embiid also adds that the 76ers’ goal was to come out and be more aggressive and he’s happy that they did just that.

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