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Joe Biden joked about permission to hug after inappropriate behaviour allegations

Joe Biden joked about permission to hug after inappropriate behaviour allegations
Joe Biden joked about permission to hug after inappropriate behaviour allegations
Times have changed after for women came forward and said they felt uncomfortable when he violated their personal space. Now none of the women have accused Biden a sexual assault with their stories of dog, divided, as he considers a bid for the Democratic nomination in the 20 and in the video you saw that Biden posted on Twitter. The former VP did not apologize, but he says he now, but does he like this? I just want you to know. I had permission to hug Lonnie and some political observers have said that joke was inappropriate. Iden is facing and from our let’s bring in the US political panel in Washington, Linda Feldman, the Washington bureau, chief of the Christian Science Monitor and Jill Lawrence commentary, editor and columnist for USA. Today. Welcome to the two of you with you here and start by asking you to tell us a bit more about these allegations because it began and not with a Republican or some may suspect, but with a Democrat originally from Nevada by the name of Lucy Flores. Has president had gone out to Nevada to help her at a rally? She was a state legislator running for lieutenant governor and they’re at a rally and they were waiting to go on and I he thought she was nervous apparently, and she felt his hands on her shoulders. She felt she was smelling her hair and then he kissed her hair and not as she she freaked out, but she didn’t say anything until now, and so you know now we have Lucy Flores and many other women coming forward. This is what happened, and it made me very uneasy, so, instead of calming her nerves, he ended up making her even more nervous at the time Russian Linda about the time y’all this. Why are these allegations coming out now? Because we know that Joe Biden is considering a run for the Democratic nomination in 2022, he’s trying to squelch has his candidacy, but she is came out now, precisely because Joe Biden by all appearances is running for president, and she just wanted to call attention to his Behavior, so the timing of course, is terrible, and it’s actually stunning to me that nine days after she wrote that piece about his behavior toward her we’re still talking about this, I mean it’s just amazing: how much attention it was spoofed on Saturday Night Live night. So it’s you know, this is apologize Joe Biden, even though not announcing it is going to run to the nomination. He is leading from most possible Democrats running against important Point outside these. Are National polls, and mostly a measure of name recognition and obviously he’s very well known as as Bernie Sanders, who is run before and done very well, so you know these primaries are State contest, and so is a Jenner and it’s very interesting cuz. If you look at some of the Staples, for instance, Iowa, which has the very first primary season contest, you’ll, see that Joe Biden is maybe one to two points ahead and instead of seven or eight, and the reason is that a lot Democrats running for the nomination Have already made multiple trips to Iowa and the voters there are getting to know them, so I think we’re going to see. You know that these polls are going to change and it’s often said that your most popular before you act, and we certainly saw that with Hillary Clinton, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw with Joe Biden women who complained about being uncomfortable around him during the Clarence Thomas confirmation, Joe Biden, appeals to working class Americans, but does he appeal to the next generation of democratic voters do less well among younger voters than his numbers overall, and I I pulled my own. My humble focus group of my my adult children who are millennials and they they both was scientific peer-review, is that his time I eat his generation he’s in his he’s 76 years old 78 by the time he’s being inaugurated in 2021. They just think his time has passed well of him and the hanzi thing with him having his hands all over people – men, women, children, everybody – he touches, everybody, that’s not a factor. They just think he’s too old say that the hanzi thing is not a factor that it, but I do Wonder this story that percolates, as you say it was featured on SNL last night. He still not announced his run. Is this going to prevent Joe Biden from throwing his hat into the Ring of both of you Jill lb? I think he’s going to do it and he’s pretty much said we’re going to see. If I can win, a primary of the problem is he’s done this twice before he’s actually run and he hasn’t won primaries. In fact, he hasn’t gotten very much traction at all, and now he because of his stature as a former vice-president, I think he felt it was fine to wait and be the last person in, but the other candidates and there’s a huge field are grabbing up a Lot of talent in terms of organizing and fundraising and everything else, and I think he’s going to have some trouble with that, and I know I just I don’t feel like his odds are terrific, but I think that the candidates are all kind of searching. There’S got to be some medium empathy way of doing this between what Biden is doing and throwing paper towels at people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane. It’S an interesting time for a candidate wanted to be president, I mean he’d. This would be his third Rhonda Summa. He does get in and he just wants to have at Donald Trump. I’M a Donald Trump has been just pounding on Barack Obama and his legacy. Since the moment he began to run and Joe Biden, you can just see it if the guy is a politician through and through. He would have run last time, if not for the death of his son, and this is it for him. He visits Now or Never. So what is he got to lose?
Former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden joked he got permission to hug someone and later touch another person during a speech in Washington just days after several women came forward and alleged inappropriate behaviour over the years.
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