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‘I was overcome with emotion’ – Kofi Kingston after winning WWE Title | WWE

‘I was overcome with emotion’ – Kofi Kingston after winning WWE Title | WWE
‘I was overcome with emotion’ – Kofi Kingston after winning WWE Title | WWE
Can you remember the first thing that crossed your mind II? That Bell Rings first thing that pops into your head would happen if you knew it was real at the end of the match or the beginning. At the end, as soon as the the ref hit the mat for the third time, I I feel like I almost lost control of my body. You know what I mean I couldn’t I couldn’t move, you know it’s just. It’S looks like in and exhale. You know like a sigh of relief almost because this has been so such a long time coming and I’ve wanted this for so long and you get to a point where you don’t know. If it’s going to happen, when you try to convince yourself, I don’t really need to be a pretty good career. So far, at the end of the day, find that you are the best is to hold the WWE championship and we hold the WWE Championship. Sports entertainment or pro wrestling is what does the title mean and what I always look at it as Sports, Entertainment, Sports, entertainment, but the lineage of the people who has held that title is real life. Those are real people who accomplished real things to hold that title. So what does it mean that when look at that lineage now you see the face of Kofi Kingston hope holding a w Championship? You know what I mean no matter. What happens this moment is forever. You know this. This happened and nobody can ever take it away. You can sit sit to even mention my name with the greats. You know Legends. Is I can’t., There’s a name plate on your name. I used to be mad at my parents for naming me that, because kids at school would call me coffee – and you know, make fun of my name and I was angry with them, you know: what’s it like WWE Championship side plates is my name saying this: is It’S it’s just unreal right now, it’s straight out of a dream. I I don’t know how to feel. I know someone who’s, never lost for words, Xavier Woods. What what? What does it mean to you and to the WWE Universe to see Kofi Kingston is WWE champion, like you said, seeing Kofi Kingston’s face in that lineage now means that the door that was seemingly close for a very very long time now been kicked open and there A little kids will see Kofi and they will look up to him and they will say if he can do it, then that means that I can do it so as much. This means to us and as emotional as we are about this as much as we’ve been grinding and trying to get this it was, it was never actually for us. We are trying to make sure that the kids and people enjoy that watch. This show know that anyone can make it to this level. The new day has been as gone through different iterations, of course, the first generation it change. It became funny Stanley, popular comedy actor to a certain degree. When did this become a realistic goal that one of you guys and this man, Kofi Kingston, could be WWE champion? No, I can’t tell you how many times during this process of Last 5 Years, we were laughed at, we were ridiculed, we were mot, we were told no, we were told that we would be lucky just to get on TV. There been so many obstacles and not just obstacles in today’s Journey button. Cobi’S Journey as well, you think of being here for 11 years. How many people has Kofi seen come through the doors beginning title opportunities win the title: how many guys have gotten chance after chance? After chance, there’s a man who has been here 11 years and if it wasn’t for Mustafa on 4C, getting hurt this doesn’t happen and to see how organic everything about this has been to see the way fans have attached to the band, but the lock room light When you see people the Monitor and coming up with tears in their eyes at we, the people who been in this business for 10, 15 20 years with tears in their eyes telling Kobe they cried seeing that. And that means everything to know that anyone who watching this product from backstage the fan the broadcasters it means so much and everything about this is so visceral. And this is to me one of the greatest moments of the greatest moment of my career. To me. One of the greatest moments in wrestling and WWE history – and you can pay me on that if you want, but it means so much to so many different people and will continue to mean so much for generations to come, and I I can’t tell you how proud I am of the same guy that we make Finleyville genitalia jokes with you’re, not that, but all the nonsense we’ve done and to be at least like what do you talk about being in the mud? With these two for the last five years, we’ve been doing this organically from the ground up just getting this thing off, the ground has been a miracle, but to have this be the culmination is incredible man, and also probably doesn’t hurt that Kofi is such an incredible Human being who’s sincerely as below backstage as anybody I’ve ever seen in we1 have you processed. Yet what that moment you just had with your boys in the ring is going to mean down the road, but can you imagine the photos are going to have in your house for the rest of your life? It was surreal seeing him out there doing that like this whole week, he has been just fully embracing Sia WrestleMania experience I’ll be out there signing autographs at the hotel he’ll come up and want to get in all the pictures. You know other try lot of people that have a lot of pictures of them. It’S awesome, be somebody so young, be so just confident in you say about Daniel Bryan. Is there? Is there anyone else that would have been a better person to to have this match with absolutely not the perfect person? From a storyline perspective, he was in a very similar position being fueled by the people who would not be denied until he was in a match at WrestleMania and ended up having to do a on top of that. He delivers his message in a in a pompous way. Do you know when people don’t like it, but he’s a good dude., alright Shawn Michaels? If I would be able to go to my like seven year old self, watching Monday Night Raw Ruidoso Saturday morning, Superstars and say hey when they didn’t win the Super. The WWE Championship give you a hug out of my house, but that is crazy and you feel that, like a lot of really good, it only takes butt to realize this. Guy is special
Kofi Kingston explains the emotional moment when the bell rang and he won the WWE title at WrestleMania 35 vs. Daniel Bryan. The rest of The New Day, Xavier Woods and Big E, share how important this win is for Kofi and for his fans around the globe and what the group has overcome.

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