Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Has Kenney’s rhetoric enflamed divisions in Alberta?

Has Kenney’s rhetoric enflamed divisions in Alberta?
Has Kenney’s rhetoric enflamed divisions in Alberta?
Wow from are Mount Royal University a little circumspect, but the reality is that the lead in rural Alberta is significant about 41 seats and play there. I think probably there is a ucp’s and in good shape to get let’s say 36 I would say. Is it realistic? Number musically got to get another 8 to get majority government in the cities. Now the Bulls are moving and we saw those shifts happening on the earth in 2012. So it’s for sure, but but certainly, though, the advantage sympathy, UCP, really good ground Clinton, campaign’s on both on the part of both the NDP and and the UCP. One of the reasons is, of course, that is competitive election. I think that’s the biggest Factor, but also it is easier to vote and vote closer to work. Take as much time out to go. Do I make sure they do get to vote bugs going around going to get sick when I make sure they get the vote in so fearful people are decided. This was a really good option. I noticed I voted last Tuesday and I just noticed bigger lines and I seen it before quite productive was going to be as big as it has so again. I think we know it’s going to be a really really matters to a lot of people and they’re polarized, so are on the sense that BC is been vilified and and villainized as something he had to have to be punished for what they they said and done. I know that sounds like something that’s easy to say at a campaign, but he could be the premier and then it gets kind of problem in two ways. One he’s got these commitments that he’s made that had a lot of questions going to be raised around. The second thing is that if you win, I mean it works pretty well, as we know when elections, but it’s really tough to govern. Can you raise those citations and if you can’t deliver on those expectations, the expectations start to turn on you. We’re already seeing, I think, remarkable divisions within the conservative party. But conservatives generally a lot of opposition, a lot of criticism, Marin and she just said about Jason Kenney, not standing strong enough to gain some of the comments that we made by members of his own party by candidates that are still running for that party and and And I think that it could be very very for him to to govern once he’s in there. We see this with, and Studies have shown the conservative parties. You have a tougher time just because the divisions within them this is started during the election. Can campaign. Kenny is elected by the number of provinces that are going to fight this carbon tax is that the Tipping Point is that put the whole carbon tax plan in jeopardy. There are the provinces that are opposed to it or going to lose. That actually creates an opportunity. Is Jason, Kenney does become Premier he’s, got an opportunity to put haven’t made in Alberta, man and I think that’s Rachel notley smooth that was polls for the pipeline from in the thirties, up to almost 70 % right now, because of that sort of national campaign and She’S been part of that, so it’s been a lot of it’s been because of Rachel notley Lake in Alberta, not being environmental, bad guys and I think, there’s a real opportunity to bring some of those who might oppose him on side. There are some winnable environmentalist. If you give me to get the balance right, so I think it’s an opportunity. Alright,
Mount Royal’s University’s Lori Williams discusses the upcoming Alberta election and if Jason Kenney’s rhetoric has gone too far.


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