Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Handcrafted Swing Made For Man With Autism | Humankind

Handcrafted Swing Made For Man With Autism | Humankind
Handcrafted Swing Made For Man With Autism | Humankind
He kept growing again in Middle School, he’s out there, where, in the swings out and they’re like oh, my gosh, we’re braids going to you, know, fall and break his neck and he kept growing and kept going, and then he was 610 Rock. What are we going to do, search in research and research and two or three people, and then, when I said, video of him swinging died about those opportunities to give back, Coby saw it and then there’s people everywhere. You know that the guys that the workers stayed everybody wanted to see his initial reaction, everybody just side, you know you, he loves it, he loves it. One of my guys said that he was excited big Burly guys done enough to decide. I would see them bringing two different supplies in everyday. I’M like oh, how I’m going to pay for this Christmas present ever it was just such a kind gesture, or they didn’t have to do that. Just that opportunity to give back. You know the community in Knoxville spend so good to us. We started in 2008 when the economy was going downhill and we went uphill the whole time, but when we ran into these opportunities and things – and you never again to get back into somebody that truly needs it and and deserves it is amazing I mean you can Tell immediately you know that it’s it’s it’s calmed him down and sort of his focus is better
All he wanted to do was swing but it was kind of hard once he grew to 6’10”. That’s when a local business stepped in.

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