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Full Romney: Immigration Is ‘Overwhelming Our System’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Romney: Immigration Is ‘Overwhelming Our System’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
Full Romney: Immigration Is ‘Overwhelming Our System’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
Most Republican officeholders have been reluctant even a bit scared to criticize president before he is indispensable and it is in Province where the incumbent shortfall has been most glaring. Romney has been sharply critical of Obamacare and he says he’s even tougher on illegal immigration. Then the president and Mitt Romney joining me now from Salt Lake City and its first Meet the Press. Appearance we were just debating. Do you prefer Governor or Senator still, the term Governor is always better, but I guess I got to go by my current time. Never met a senator who was a former governor who didn’t miss being governor with what the president said, both Friday and Saturday, about immigration and the asylum-seekers. Here it is Sir. This is our new statement. The system is full can’t. Take you anymore, whether it’s Asylum, whether it’s so anything you want it illegal immigration, can’t take you anymore. We can take you. Our country is full here in American Presidents Day. Our country is full, given the history of the United States of America. How did you take that comment? Well, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the nature of immigration and illegal rayshun. Just over the last few weeks I made a number of years ago and up until just a few weeks ago, the great majority of people coming into our country we’re coming looking for work, single man and oftentimes just returned at the border setback home typically to Mexico. In the last few weeks, there’s been a dramatic change, and that is where seeing unaccompanied young people, as well as families with lots of kids pouring into the border, and they say the magic word, I’m seeking Asylum and by virtue of our laws and processes. Here we bring them into the. We don’t begin to have enough space in our facilities to maintain the kind of care that these people deserve and so they’re being just turned out into the into our country, a hundred twenty five thousand of them so far this year. It’S overwhelming our system. We have got to what the deal with this. In a way it’s going to take some legislation to get it fixed tariff on cars if they don’t help with the border that are shipped domestic. Mexico pull all foreign aid to the three Central American countries were many of these people are fleeing it out a carrot and stick approach for a reason. He’S only he’s only providing sticks. It doesn’t seem to have a carrot here anyway. Well, I think what has to happen is an effort for republicans and Democrats to come together generally with presidential leadership. That’S what’s going to be essential to get us all together and say: okay, leave it fixed well, he does. He has the capacity to bring together the top Democrats, top Republican, said to sit down and say: okay, what can we do legislatively to make sure that we’re not creating this extraordinary Asylum magnets, the country and Elementary? In my opinion, the Democrats are making a huge error by making border-security an issue and saying it’s a partisan issue. Look. This is an American issue. We can’t have millions country without a board of the secure without ice, making. Sure the people that are here illegally or sent back this is a this is a winning issue. I think for the public has been more importantly, it’s a winning issue for Americans to say we have to have the sovereignty of our nation either. The president is is something which the people feel very deeply. One of the things that you had said it should be tougher on illegal immigration than President Trump. What your positions! What give me an example where you feel as if you’re tougher on this than he is well? I was referring time me some years ago when I was running for president and and noted that I was not in favor of the DREAM Act and the president supported the earlier and 2017, giving the docket individuals legal residency. So I was referring to that point, but at this stage I think we’re on the same page at well. It’S been it’s been put in place by President Obama and I believe we have a responsibility to fulfill. What is a presidential pledge and commitment. So that’s in the past. I would provide Lee status for those dreamers in the country. That’S open the president put on the table. I think we should get that job done and hopefully, hopefully we’ll get that job done. But overall we need to complete the Border fast. We need to have a A system that keeps people from jobs here if they’re here illegally and that’s an e-verify system, and then we got to deal with this Asylum issue. That’S really overwhelming our system move to healthcare. Can I believe you shouldn’t? You won election in Utah on the same ballot that a majority of your constituents wanted to see Medicaid expanded. So what would you do now with Healthcare? Would you scrap the system we haven’t built from scratch or you take the Obamacare infrastructure, which many will note was modeled in some ways off of what you did in Massachusetts and try to reform from there? Well, let’s begin by putting it in context, which is: Obamacare applies to about 20 – maybe a 25 % of the population, because for 75 to 80 % of the population we get our insurance or employer or through Medicare or through traditional Medicaid, so Obamacare. Twenty 25 % of the population and right now with Obamacare, that’s a federal program. I think what you’re going to see for Republicans is a federal state partnership, where the federal government sets the parameters and the states are given more flexibility, create ways to care for their own low-income individuals, and so I think, a federal-state partnership is a much wiser way2go. A number of Senators are working on those kind of ideas. I know the White House as well and I think you’re going to see proposals coming from from our side. That say: look we can make the the current system of private insurance, which 75 80 % of Americans have. We can keep that in place, get costs down more flexibility and ObamaCare needs to be repealed and by the way the Democrats agree with us getting rid of Obamacare Medicare for all. I’M waiting for Republicans to start defending Obama Care Medicaid decision by your constituents. The legislature wants to tighten what your constituents want. It. The ride call well, the legislature in Utah said: look. We want to make sure that, if we’re going to under Medicaid population, we’re going to only do so so long as the federal government is picking up 90 % of the bill. But if the federal government decides the back off at 90 % number, then we, the state legislature, don’t want to pick up the bill. I think it’s a reasonable position. pictures taken your very aggressive and getting in getting candidate Donald Trump to try to release his tax returns. He not wants to fight this effort by Congress all the way to the Supreme Court, and I can maybe Danny wants to do in privacy ground he still doesn’t want to show the country is tax returns. How problematic is that? Well, I’d like the president to follow through and and show his tax returns. He said he would, I think, was on The Today Show he said he would be happy to relay the returns. So I wish you’d do that, but I have to also tell you either. The Democrats are just applying along his handbook, which is going after his tax returns to a legislative action is sporadic. That’S not going to happen. The courts are not going to say that compel a person running for office to release her tax return so he’s going to win this Victory. He win some time after time, and you know that the green New Deal all these candidates out there talking about getting getting rid of Obamacare and tradition, Healthcare, putting a place. Medicare Basics are just just non-starters and I think the Democratic party is finding itself in a real, difficult position with those kind of position. He said recently that he think it would be healthy for the Republican party if somebody challenged Donald Trump to have a real debate about what is conservative anymore. I made these for higher deficits. You were for lower deficits, he he’s for tariffs. You were not a tariff, one could argue Trump and Romney represent the contrast of of the two different views of conservatism. Well, there are differences. I I have places where I disagree with the president. I was in his office said just a couple weeks ago and said I did braids with the steel and aluminum tariffs. On the other hand, I said I’m overwhelmingly in favor with what you’re doing on China. I my opinion. You can get as hard as you want to get pushing back on China. I think you also have to say the president has followed the Republican Playbook when it comes to the best economy. Lowering taxes, lower and regulation of the economy is doing very well. It’S hard not to recognize that’s a pretty strong record as to whether or not there’s a primary time Hotel have a party stupidly just do just fine when there’s a primary Mitt Romney, a senator from Utah, I’m going, we see on the in the halls of Congress. Will call you got there. I promise thanks for coming out and sharing a few sir good to see you again. Click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watch.
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Full Romney: Immigration Is ‘Overwhelming Our System’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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