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Full Buttigieg: ‘I’m About As Different From This President As It Gets’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Buttigieg: ‘I’m About As Different From This President As It Gets’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
Full Buttigieg: ‘I’m About As Different From This President As It Gets’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
Is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana was technically still exploring presidential bid from today. That’S right. Is there any reason to believe that it will be I’m not running for president? So what does something completely different because mean – and I say this in this respect – Donald Trump is most inexperienced, president in American history, when it came to the government Service public service and in things like that, while have more executive experience than heated going into this. You also would be a fairly inexperienced president. Why should something completely different? Be another inexperienced composition? No, I haven’t been marinating in Washington here for a very long time and I’m not part of that same establishment, but I would argue that being a mayor of the city of any size means that you have to deal with the kinds of issues that I really Hate Americans is everything from infrastructure to development, to racial sensitivities in policing, not to mention the fact that more military experience under my belt than anybody to walk into that office since George HW Bush. So I think it’s about the quality as well as quantity and experience. But I think you can also see pretty clearly that I’m about as different from this present as it gets had you been successful in your last campaign. You’D be the chair of the democratic party right now. I assume that means you wouldn’t be running for president. Why was just going to say then what was your motivation for being DNC chair and then suddenly didn’t get it, and you said yourself and what you bring to the table. Can you look for a match and I’ve used that process to decide to run for office? Several times I use that process to decide not to run for office several times. What I see right now is a country going through tectonic profound change in an office that has loss of vision and loss decency and I’m as surprised as anybody I mean, if you would ask me two years ago what I would be doing in 2019. I don’t think I would have said this, but here you have this moment, probably the only woman in American history for somebody, my age, coming from experience in the industrial Midwest non-federal different background, bringing something that will actually help. Americans Envision the world is it’ll, be in 2050 for the year. The current age of the current president and just change the channel from this mesmerizing horror show that’s going on in Washington right now. That’S a guy named Richard mourdock who met people in Washington. May remember that name. He was the person that upset the Democrats and Republican. It was 2010 it hard for Democrat to win Statewide in the best of years. I was running in the worst of years, but I’m still proud of our campaign. We, I was largely doing it to stand up for Auto Workers. You know Richard mourdock intervene to prevent the auto took a case all the way to the Supreme Court, using his standing as Indiana State Treasurer and would have devastated our state. I thought somebody needed to stand up to him. I did I got my head handed to me what you, what what do you think your issue was, you think, simply was youth. Perhaps 40 % raise that year because just a horrible year to be a democrat in Indiana or Franklin what’s places, but what I really wanted was campaigning is my first time on the ballot. It was uphill to say the least. Not a lot of people were even following the treasurer’s race, it’s hard when people have heard of neither you nor the office running for, but I learned fundraising, I learned retail iLearn how to put a message together in that wind up serving me very well when inside Out then, the seed opened up is the first open seat in 24 years at exactly having to do with South Bend. The poverty rate is still over 25 %. The eviction rate 6.7 %, which is barely on the high-end of Indiana voters. Believe you put the city it in there in the right direction in that sense, but these are still tough numbers. What haven’t you been able to accomplish that? You wish you would feel there’s so much work to do in a community like ours, that people know that it’s the hometown of Notre Dame. They might assume that it’s wealthy homogeneous college town, but we’re sitting it was devastated by the loss of Industry, especially when the auto factories left in the 1960s. When I took office there articles about a dying City, our poverty rate is too high, but it’s down. We cut unemployment by unemployment by more than half and we’ve been able to change the trajectory of the city to where we’re growing in population and investment of the pace we haven’t seen in a generation. It’S not like all of our problems are solved, but I think one of the reasons I want up getting re-elected with 80 % of the vote is a sense that we can really change the story for our city and I think that’s something that the country needs To hear because he got a president who’s telling anybody from a community like mine, be an industrial Community or rural commune Community. Where people grow up getting this message that success means you have to get out he’s telling us the greatness is in the past. We got to stop the clock and turn it back, and I’m not there making the case that South Bend is living proof that it good politics is not one based on the word again: income inequality, particularly racial disparities, on income inequality are huge in South Bend. So you run the country you face this firsthand. How much you haven’t had much luck, closing that Gap. What a view tried that has worked, and what do you think you tried that didn’t work, but we’re talking about generational poverty, generational disposition that is a result of dispossession that is result of a combination of racist policies over the and in the effect of poverty and Mass incarceration have we’re Community were about 25 % African American about 45 % non-white and a lot of people in their lives and their neighborhoods. It’S almost as though the economic recovery were experiencing right, never even happened. Here’S what we think is working we’re investing in neighborhoods that have been historically disinvested in in everything from Parks and public spaces to supporting entrepreneurship. We open the small business resource center in an area that was getting the kind of attention that it needed, because we know that entrepreneurship will and power are not just one or two business owners, but minority employees were taking steps to deal with the eviction rate. As you showed a lot of time, Simply Having access to legal representation makes all the difference for somebody facing addiction, and we made sure that our neighborhoods were improved because the issue of blight and vacant and abandoned properties was harming neighbors, especially in minority neighborhoods. We didn’t feel anything could be gone, but we dealt with it 1000 Days by marshalling resources, concentrating on and working to fix. The problem, when I ask you about something more thematically, you said in 2015 would have been the end of Rise of the black lives matter. Movement that there needs to be racial reconciliation. What have you done to try to leave a conversation on the mayor of a diverse City? One of the flashpoints for this is in the relationship between the communities of color and the police department. So we worked hard on civil rights training on implicit bias, also on getting our police officers to have almost the mentality of city council members to encourage them to do foot patrols to walk the neighborhoods to show up nauseous when there’s an emergency, but not when there’s A funfair or a church of Ventura block party in those relationships, one of its quantity time and whenever we’ve had a moment to her or an incident that has threatened to divide us racially in our city. We made sure that we invest in the face time that it takes to re-establish trust but results. That’S how trust is built, and it’s one of the things I worry about right now nationally, is that you have folks in charge of the government who almost believe is a matter of principle and destroy it. And then, when you don’t have results me don’t see. People’S live getting better, they want to bring the house down last month. Some ice agents arrested two of your constituents and stop. Then, what do you make of the idea of the abolish ice movement? That is some people in the Progressive end of the spectrum have called for an. I know: it’s illegal to be a sanctuary City in Indiana, but Gary has pushed the envelope. Why haven’t you are a really important? Parts of our community are being torn apart from their families, and this is not making a safer. It is not making us stronger when it comes to ice. I don’t care what the agency in charge of our immigration and Border enforcement is called. I care what it does and as long as you have an agency, get rid of ice and called it something else being ordered to tear families apart from one another or being order to make it harder to get on a path to citizenship. You’Re going to continue to have heartbreaking stories that are not helping anybody weather in we’re talking about the undocumented immigrants concerned. Or what are you talking about the communities that they’re part of what I move a little bit to where you stand in the party? I want it imma chew her Joe Biden, he said boy, the definition of progressive changing. He says now it’s about whether you’re a socialist or what’s a real Progressive – and I know you you’ve been somebody – is trying to push back on this whole labeling issue, but put yourself on the Spectrum here. What what what should Democrats see in you that you would do you want Democrats to seeing you, I think, I’m a progressive, but I also think the idea logical analysis. Capitalism comes in detention with democracy, which is more important to you. I believe democracy is more important and when you have capitalism, capturing democracy, we have the kind of regulatory capture where powerful corporations are able to arrange the rules for their butt. That’S not real capitalism. If you want to see what happens when you have capitalism without democracy, he can see it very clearly in Russia. It turns into crony capitalism and that turns into oligarchy. It is too kind of line. Everybody has dots on a spectrum, voted for Obama and Trump and Mike Pence and me logical analysis, especially with an ideology in our country, so scrambled having a president who doesn’t even have an ideology, just a style undertaking a hostile takeover. The Republican Party, while the Democratic party, has only been able to explain its ideological commitment, parent self to the Republicans believe that they are the actions of somebody who believes in God. How do you square that assessment with the fact that the Evangelical Christian Community is so? It’S something that really frustrates me, because the hypocrisy is unbelievable. Here you have somebody who not only acts in a way. That is not consistent with anything that I hear in scripture in church, where it’s about lifting up the Among Us and taking care of strangers, which is another word for immigrants and making sure that you’re focusing your effort on the poor, but also personally, how you’re supposed To conduct yourself not chest, thumping, look at me ISM, but humbling yourself before others is one of the central images in the New Testament, and we see the diametric opposite of that in this presidency. I think there was perhaps a cynical process where he decided to, for example, begin to pretend to be pro-life and government, which was good enough to to bring many evangelicals over to his side, but even on the version of Christianity. Do you hear from the religious right which is about sexual ethics? This is somebody they should be lifting up at the kind of person you want to be leading this nation. You grew up. An abortion position is, but how do you have a conversation about it? That is extraordinary, divided on a pro-life Democrats that don’t necessarily get corded a nationally anymore government and abortion. So it is someone who is pro-choice, but who has many friends and even supporters who view this issue very differently than I do? I think it begins by having some measure of good faith and understanding the people arrived at their convictions on this, offering from the deep belts and sincerely held place. But in my view this is a question that is almost unknown. This is a moral question, is not going to be settled by science, and so the best way for it to be settled in practice is by the first person who actually faces the choice and when a woman is facing this decision in her life, I think the In terms of somebody, besides her who can most be useful in that the answer to that would be a doctor, not a male government official imposing his interpretation of his religion, all right in the final question, I want to ask you about the second minute you come From a Second Amendment state to might argue whatever that means toot toot toot to folks. Do you think the Second Amendment, as it’s written, prevents gun control? The way the spring already decided within the framework of the 2nd Amendment that we’re going to draw a line somewhere right shall not be infringed clearly doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to a nuclear weapon? I mean somewhere in between a slingshot and a nuclear weapon, we’re going to draw a line about what makes sense the same way that my right to free speech doesn’t include yelling fire in a crowded theater. In the same way, that is one Supreme Court. Justice said my right to swing. My fist ends where somebody else’s nose begins. There are common-sense limits that are thinking. Society can live by I’m making sure that we honor the lifestyle of sporting, which is where so many family bonds are created and interested deep part of our tradition and the idea that people should be equipped to defend themselves if they need to thanks for being on Stay safe in the trail and I look forward to ask any more questions. We can get a much to foreign policy, some other issues, but
In an exclusive interview with meet the Press, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) talks to Chuck Todd about his 2020 presidential bid and why he believes Democrats are looking for generational change.
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Full Buttigieg: ‘I’m About As Different From This President As It Gets’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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