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Fife on PMO during SNC-Lavalin scandal: ‘Total incompetence’

Fife on PMO during SNC-Lavalin scandal: ‘Total incompetence’
Fife on PMO during SNC-Lavalin scandal: ‘Total incompetence’
There are old, but it’s far from over after two months that will he or won’t he, prime minister Justin, Trudeau. Finally, kick former cabinet minister Jody Wilson superstars in the liberal cabinet, constellation of said, an apology or an admission of improper pressure would have ended all this. A lot sooner so did the Prime Minister do the right thing by kicking them out with James Philpott and Guilty By Association. After all, we’re secretly taped anyone does this and the controversy loves alligator and our special guest is the former director of communications for jean cut. You mr. Peter, ending up tossing these high-profile ministers that it bought some peace with his own caucus, but I think it looks terrible for the public. It furthers victimization Narrative of both Minister supposed to be wilson-raybould and listen to star with her she’s now. The second most famous politician, most of the trio cabinets, couldn’t get picked up and I’ll pick that up in the lineup, but she’s she’s, a household name now and where that’s going to go, we don’t know is going to die out. I think it was said that that she’s had her say Master’s office or the people around them, who continually try to discredit her and keep the story alive which to me as being the Untold Story. The prices like this and then, if they’re, going to get out of this and have a chance to win the next election campaign, I think they really need to get some Frozen, that lost his top advisors. Most popular in some would say competent ministers, his own credibility, has been badly undermined. His government now, whether it’s winnable for them to question is it is it is, is sustainable. This is just about as bad as it gets and liberals don’t have very much feel very good about the secret. She said why you focusing on that. I take what about focusing on the context, but the short answer is yes: the tape recording, I think, shocked a few people and you know I think people who had made up their mind are questioning of that. Particular you know action, that’s the first one in the second one is. This was all about speaking the truth found out last week that actually the truth is negotiable and I think the truth is the truth. It is not negotiable. I mean I would also like a few people fired, and I think that perhaps looks this is an ugly War, a Civil War and the ugliest ones in history. It’S so obviously it’s going to be ugly and it’s going to be a lot of dirty laundry wash in public, but we do find out that you know the sainthood is is: is it’s probably not that clean if indeed, this negotiable and it isn’t that Noble sources Have told multiple media organization would it be for a job? What did you make of that? I don’t believe that ministers can make them as about how the Prime Minister runs the government if they, if they can convince the Prime Minister based on the merits of the case so be at, but Lena making demands or blackmailing or threats. I don’t think works with any prime minister visor as a as a career move on the part of the minister. I don’t know if this story is true. It is kind of funny that it that those so-called demands two or three of them ended up taking place anyway. I with people leaving, but I have a hard time that I have a hard time and I have a hard time seeing a prime minister’s office about to it, come out there and deny the story that there was any inappropriate pressure. But whatever the case is, if it is true, she certainly seemed to have her game plan seemed to work because the clerk is going on and they did the whole issue of attorney general. The way she is, she did I’m going to make sure this doesn’t happen again and I’m sorry for it. This story would have been long gone long time ago. They were now nobody believes, and it seems to me you know they’re, by by letting this hang out there for a long time. They should get off. The pot either go ahead and do it because they’ve actually made the case about why it’s the right thing to do or don’t do it if it’s too toxic but don’t leave it hanging out there. The prime minister’s office is probably not going to write this one off as a how to do crisis management. 101. Jody wilson-raybould, look bad every time, they’ve done it. It’S been like something, and I know it’s been like Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner. Every time they’ve tried it, it blows up in their face and they end up bed as a backfiring. They look bad and it just further enhances her, so they should stop., they are doing it, but you know the bit about the Supreme Court Justice last week. If this is true, what Bob says that the that the rumors about that the story about an hour for condition actually came for the p.m. supporters? That’S the mistake so so stop that, and the other thing is the subject is not like: there aren’t a ton of other controversial issues in this country, where the Liberals could take a stand that wedge in their Direction and they shut at you know that’s a lot Of issues everything from Canada, US relations, look at the whole issue of Bob of the religious symbols. Acting come back, there’s a whole Phalanx of issues they could. They could go on with I’ll, be honest with you a little trade secret when we used to get in trouble. That’S what we would do. We change the subject by putting something equally controversial on the table, never want to run two words that you’ll be picking issue with a conservative start frothing at the mouth and have another big debate, but it’s something that wedges in the Liberals favor. Thank you. So much will find out if they can’t change the channel.
The Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife joins CTV’s Question Period to discuss the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal and if Jody Wilson-Raybould’s removal will raise her national profile.

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