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Entrepreneur with nine-home portfolio no longer needs to work

Entrepreneur with nine-home portfolio no longer needs to work
Entrepreneur with nine-home portfolio no longer needs to work
How about in 2012 Sonata, I started a medical business and I kind of take the profits from that and invest in property. So I bought a couple of rental properties back then, but it was, you know that they weren’t, I wasn’t doing – is an active so loved in a way of investing money, so it wasn’t until solve. For 5 months ago I stopped, I became full-time property investor. I sold my metal business in 2017 and then stop doing consultancy here. In that mrs., I needed something: a little bit more permanent and more reliable income. So I started so of Education, myself, intensive property and Investments mine’s a thing as Help Me Grow pretty quickly. I read lots of books and I lost about some property. I watch lots of YouTube videos that one of them was Samuel late. I think it was I just soft top myself and not time. You know how to invest in property and the best strategy said to get the most money back as you possibly can really soft, but I kind of research project but yeah, it’s a lot more than what it was before. So they could not see. If I could book in enough work, you know trust you make. That.. Beacon, can invest in property, regulate Southside with a little bit money when I sell my business, but I didn’t really use any of that money, so I should get started so yeah. Did you take a selfie and get some experience but yeah it’s it’s doable for anybody really to be honest.
Nathan Winch, 28, from Barnsley, claims he no longer needs to work aged 28. He sold his business, selling soap to the NHS, in 2011 and now invests in property. He owns nine homes in the town worth £500,000 between them. He says his £10,000 a month income covers his bills with a few hundred pounds to spare and he could stay in bed if he wanted but prefers to work. As a landlord, he says, ‘it’s all about making a difference to people’s lives’.

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