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Clement discusses blackmail scandal: ‘It’s been humiliating’

Clement discusses blackmail scandal: ‘It’s been humiliating’
Clement discusses blackmail scandal: ‘It’s been humiliating’
S****** attempted blackmail, RCMP investigation, very Sensational headlines in the country, the former Minister and Ontario MP, Tony Clemente running again now remember mr. Clemente was kicked out of the conservative caucus and off the National Security committee after he admitted to sending inappropriate pictures and video over social Media to people who believe we’re young women to men in the Ivory Coast, blackmail him for thousands of dollars. It is never easy when private lives of public officials Crosswire. So how is mr. Clemente dealt with all this? Let’S find out, and thank you for being here. I know it’s not an easy conversation to have sir and you – and I talked for a long time about this – even a public figure. For a long time. Tony Clemente tell our our viewers and tell us what exactly happened, because we saw the headlines. We haven’t heard your story. Actually I had a severe personal crisis and, to use the metaphor, I went down a deep dark Valley and I tried to get out by myself. I can handle this. I can. I can deal with this and I was not successful and when these blackmailers tried to Blackmail me, that’s when I realized I had to come clean on the things that I had done, that I was not proud of in anyway and I turned a corner and that’s What I did it was: it’s been, as you know, humiliating and not fun for my family as well, but I really felt that this was now or never in terms of turning my life around that’s what I’ve been doing is quite extraordinary that moment, as you call The deep dark hole and you realized the first time that you’re being blackmailed because you’re too episode that moment when you realized – oh, my goodness, I’m about to I’m being blackmailed for this and then all the sudden you’re at a Crossroads. What was that? What anyone would consider the right thing, that is to say, inform the authorities, like the RCMP, inform my my caucus whip marks, draw you know for my wife. These things I immediately knew I had to do those things, because if I tried to fix that it would it would be even worse. Mr Shearer initially stood by you yeah and then he said know I’ve got to kick you out and he said I took him at his word that there was only a nice incident. Reports of other incidents and allegations were in that respect of asthma to connect Tony to resign from caucus. So I know you said: there’s one: is it somewhere there multiple? What happened? One incident a black male but two other incidents of improper behavior and – and why did I not let Andrew know – and I apologize to him personally for not letting you know very simple, shame and guilt, shame and guilt. That’S why I didn’t come completely clean on the night of October 31st, when I realized that that the blackmail attempt is being made so Persona. There was there. So there was other incidents, but he just thought you just couldn’t bring yourself to talk about not initially as but then I several days later. I let it all out and – and I made a state Dora issued a statement saying like I’ve done this. Not only this incident there’s a there’s, these other incidents and I apologize and I apologize to my family and I apologize to my colleagues and anyone else who had supported me over time and promised that I would get the help I needed, which I did do and Promised I would turn the corner, which I did do I thought I had to come clean on it completely. If, if I was going to be sincere or you concerned in the midst of this, with all the was going on the blackmail attempt, because you had the highest security clearance on the Parliamentary committee on National, you concerned that there was a potential security threat through you. For Canada, absolutely no and the reason I would say that is both the RCMP looked at it from that angle and decided that there was no security thread. The committee looked at it from that angle said: there was no security threat. This was strictly about trying to squeeze some dollars out of a hapless got. The proof was again, I’m not excusing my behavior, but when push came to shove – and there was somebody was trying to get money from me, I did the right thing. I informed the RCMP immediately and and made sure that shut down to ask you about the life for a long time. Frankie the life is on Parliament. Hill can be lonely if you’re awake., you know you talked about falling into a dark place, I’m not trying to alleviate the personal responsibility, because I know what it is. I’D like to use my answer to send a direct message to other parliamentarians and my colleagues, if you are facing anything similar to what I faced and it maybe alcohol or maybe drugs baby gambling baby shopping haul, ISM, whatever right get the help get the help. 30. Well, I mean doing these things that I was doing was a rational right, so I don’t think my headspace was in the right face and I never want to do this again. So what I’ve created? I got the help. I got the counseling I needed and I’ve got the boundaries and the guard rails up, but I guess I guess I want to stress a message to people who may think that they can handle it that this is just you know whatever it is whatever it is. That that you were here keeping Secret, you know, go go, get the help and and York and and get the help from your colleagues to who can who can be around you and and help you live the life that we all want to live. Good luck!
MP Tony Clement discusses his resignation and the headline-grabbing blackmail scandal that led to his removal from the Conservative party.


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