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British IS fighters speak after defeat – BBC News

British IS fighters speak after defeat – BBC News
British IS fighters speak after defeat – BBC News
In the desert of the reserve on Exodus from hell and the numbers for greater than ever imagined, and then the man on the Magnum, the BBC has learned as many as 50 British Fighters captured in the final three months of the caliphate. The Harvest, hateful ideology whose secrets are being revealed, Zechariah L of Bonnie, vanished from Britain 5 years ago. This is the first time he’s been seen since you went there to kill Usain dauntless. This notorious prescribed terror group. Many people struggle through doesn’t table. That was your choice is responsible for this is Ruth Moundville, my own fault, Mountain Mystic. Can we discuss your injury? Tell me what happened enough fight highlight biryani when was very attached. He was once a promising student at the University of Westminster. Six of his fellow students. Also, travel to fight their extremism cost them dearly most were killed and injured. Zachary Aiello Bonnie has lost his British citizenship and he has a message for those considering extremism. Anyone but stool, a must-buy methodology, the flag of the shed hello people tricked into the same trick. Humza parvez West London is another willing is recruit. He was a month ago. I love the Westin, has kept distances from one another because of one of the primary phase was targeted, drone strikes, so people wouldn’t really want to be asked. It would one another just in case cuz. We didn’t actually have the list of who’s on the list to know so we can really be scared of this. Guy might be, and this guy might be so is there. I just keep to myself nobody else. If you realize that you were on a drone hit list, then you might actually stop question what the hell you were doing in Rock Hill Mall. You were being a member of the Islamic State than you think. That was a thing to leave. The group, which consists of 1 2 3 and 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 being genocide, rape, enslavement marked or anyone in their right mind would have never ever ever gone over to join something I wouldn’t going to join us something. Oh, I didn’t know that it was something waiting for me that got most of the foreign Fighters when they do step in when you do to them. The first thing I say to you is that we would have never ever come if we’d known the rise of Isis, the tabloids called him hungry humza. Here he is on the left, 30 kilograms heavier. He complained on social media but missing food and then almost starved and is is left standing by Goose, only know and defeat. Does he condemned the group he served for five years as many kids did it pass away involves that in suicide, many many kids passed away from severe malnutrition, 100 % because they did have food enough to provide, but didn’t he grew up in a privileged West, London, Home to Pakistani parents he’s not been stripped of his British citizenship. Young British man brought ruin to serial when did came here. The buns are possible and vowed never to return the other most committed extremists. They lost a caliphate and their citizenship. For many that will be new. We back Quentin Sommerville BBC Northeastern Syria
The end of the Islamic State group’s so-called caliphate was announced less than a week ago – and now, the first British fighters who stayed until the very end are resurfacing.

The BBC’s Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville spoke to British IS fighters Hamza Parvez and Zakariyya Elogbani.

They’re two of a growing number of men who have emerged after joining IS – most have been stripped of their British citizenship.

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