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1989 Controversy Raises Questions About How Barr Will Redact Mueller Report | The Last Word | MSNBC

1989 Controversy Raises Questions About How Barr Will Redact Mueller Report | The Last Word | MSNBC
1989 Controversy Raises Questions About How Barr Will Redact Mueller Report | The Last Word | MSNBC
We’Re not three days away from the release of Attorney General, William Barr’s, redacted version of the Mueller report. In tonight. The New York Times has breaking news related to the Mueller investigation report includes Congressional investigators on Monday issued just enjoyed your back and numerous other Banks seeking information about President Trump’s finances and the lenders business dealings with Russians according to several people with knowledge of the investigation, The redacted version of the Mueller report now scheduled to be released on Thursday have much to say, or at least something to say about that, we’re not sure how much of that will be redacted. The Congressional subpoenas issued today we’re from the house intelligence committee and the house Financial Services committee also tonight Politico oversight, committee, Elijah Cummings, subpoena to the accounting firm of mazars USA for 10 years of President Trump’s Financial records. A justice department spokesperson, confirmed to NBC news today that are redacted version of Robert Mueller’s report will be released on Thursday and then a surprising Revelation. Today we learned that back on March 27th, the bipartisan leaders of the house intelligence committee, Democratic chairman, Adam Schiff, and Republican to the justice department, saying that Robert Mueller must grief the intelligence committee on his investigation. The letter says special counsel, Mueller and senior members of his office, as well as other relevant senior officials from the Department and intelligence Community must also brief. The full committee on the investigation, scope and areas of inquiry, its findings and the intelligence and counterintelligence information gathered in the course of and related to the investigation, NYU Law, Professor Ryan Goodman. He served as a council in the defense department in the Obama Administration and he has been studying William Barr’s earlier years of service in the this apartment that include controversies involving William Barr’s, inaccurate summaries of justice department material. That Congress was then pursuing. Ryan Goodman is co-editor-in-chief of the The Forum just Security. Org unclaimed. He was a senior Vice President, Joe Biden and to prison. Obama was a former Chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and he was Chief of Staff to attorney general, Janet Reno, and so he knows the workings of the Attorney General. I want to start with you. You’Ve been reporting extensively on William bars previous history in the Justice Department, Republican Administration, a very similar situation in which he was issuing a summary later turned out to be something very different from the summary. What does that tell us, then about what we might expect in the difference between what has been the William Barr summary of the Mueller report and the next chapter? The redacted, William version of the motor report is a remarkable episode that is very similar to today. So 1989, William Barr, had actually issued or written an opinion for the justice department that was highly controversial. It looked like it paved the way for the United supposedly abducted, the leader of Panama. The Congress wanted the full opinion and then bar said no. You can’t have the full opinion, but I’ll give you a summary of its principal conclusions, which is the exact same language conclusions, 13-page report and then only 3 years later. Do we actually find the full a pinion and it turns out that he did not give Congress? The principal conclusions he left some major conclusions out so the final conclusion that I draw from that episode is that it was a kind of an act of duplicity towards Congress and show how much we can trust him today to not repeat that kind of pattern or Behavior is up in the air. I think it’s as I was reading Ryan’s reporting on this that, in the end, by the way we get to see the that complete, William Barr memo, only one, that’s a change of Administrations. I only one actually Janet Reno moves into the the justice department and so that maybe that we maybe a year-and-a-half away from seeing the full ball reporter from Congress, Sing the full report, because it might take a new president and a attorney general to release of day. I think the truth always comes out that way and it may take a change of it may take a very long time, but I think sooner or later we’ll see the light of day, but for the time being, the Trump Administration has built a stone wall around The Miller report that Stonewall was not built, brick-by-brick, it’s built bar by bar. They put Bill bar in as attorney general for this purpose. They got rid of sessions as attorney general, so the present can put into a bar bill tomorrow to memo saying Trump couldn’t possibly be guilty of obstruction. He didn’t wrote this very short. Who knows if it’s accurate memo that allowed Trump to claim exoneration in all capitals and exclamation points, and then he wept for power’s last week in advance is crazy. Spying Theory so far has been the instrument of the Trump Stonewall. We’Re going to see how much of that gets cracked on Thursday. Soon later, the whole thing will fall. Apart on the the memo that William Barr wrote during the Trump presidency about the Mueller investigation, he researched, William Barr Background by the Trump Whitehouse would have revealed hey. This guy is really good at redacting, and this guy is really good at mischaracterizing summaries of reports that there are we’re, hoping people don’t get to see. In other words, he’s got the skill-set you might need when it comes time to the release of some form of the Mueller report. He’S able to do back then – and I think another element in this is in a wood. William Barr tarnish his record tarnish his reputation as yes, when the full report came out years later, so they also know that they could have had their man in a certain sense of you’ll, be willing to do that kind of work once again to protect the White House many many people working in government who would never take a position that they knew at some point in the future or some years later, even when a new Administration comes in Woodruff would be revealed to be basically fraud, most people, we know, I think, of certain Government would not do that so if you can find someone who’s already done it and that’s what you’re looking for that’s pretty unusual, it is unusual Lawrence and look I mean, I think it is amazing as this to say this Jeff sessions, very conservative, someone who I Criticized a lot of the Attorney General used and the Russia investigation and in turn the thing over to Rod Rosenstein to manage, and so he wasn’t willing to crap himself in this way. For President Trump, we have to see what the truth holds out for Bill. Barber right now it looks like this someone who was willing to make these changes. I produce this memo for small few weeks ago to provide Trump, the exoneration Victory lap and then we’re going to see how much reduction was done and how and it could have been able to actually has to mean there’s a lot of Mount reduction Agency on Thursday. But really just a few words can make all the difference, and so until we see the football report, we really won’t know what Robert Mueller found about what happened to the 2016 campaign and then what Donald Trump did Justice in the investigation of that Cafe. Well, we all know what we’re going to be doing all day Thursday and we’re going to be talking about at this hour on Thursday night run playing Brian Goodman. Thank you both for joining us., Really appreciate it clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC
Law professor Ryan Goodman tells Lawrence that in 1989, Barr refused to release a DOJ legal opinion, choosing to release a summary report instead. It was later revealed that Barr, according to Goodman, mischaracterized parts of the opinion in his summary. Lawrence also discusses with Ron Klain.
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1989 Controversy Raises Questions About How Barr Will Redact Mueller Report | The Last Word | MSNBC

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